Taco Ideas

For the third year in a row I’m throwing my own Tacos and Tequila birthday party on the 25th. This old man is turning 48, and  there’s nothing I like doing more than cooking for friends and family.

I typically make four different types of fillings for soft tacos, a red meat, a poultry, a seafood, and a vegetarian option. Sometimes I might make two red meats, depending on my mood.

I’m thinking about pork belly carnitas as one option, and maybe lamb for another red meat. Chicken? Not sure what to do. Suggestions welcome for that and the seafood selection. We fried a LOT of shrimp last year, but I may go with catfish this year. I just haven’t decided.

I have my friends bring tequila, beer and dessert. I do everything else.  And if I’ve actually met you in person, and you didn’t get an invitation, let me know. If we’re not too crowded, you’re welcome to join us.

And really, if you have any ideas for an interesting taco type, let me know. I’ve really not decided on anything yet.


10 Responses to Taco Ideas

  1. Jeff says:

    Grilled mahi mahi tacos. Make a paste of cumin, chipotle, salt, pepper, lime, and olive oil. Cover the fish with it for a few minutes. Grill. Top with fresh diced tomatoes and avocado…and cilantro.

  2. Phoebe says:

    Carnitas: easy, perfect use for shoulder. Chorizo, lengua, double yes for catfish, goat.

  3. Varmint says:

    So are you coming, Phoebe?

  4. Lynn says:

    Stay with the shrimp,,,,no catfish,sorry Phoebe. Perhaps another type of fish with some really great slaw

  5. dmwcpa says:

    Roasted and peeled poblano peppers are one of the best things in the world.

  6. Mit says:

    If we were in Cali – I’d say abalone tacos … but since we’re here … how about Blue Crab tacos! Mmmmm.

    Fry ’em – toss w/old bay … place in lovely homemade corn tortilla – and dress w/a fall apple coleslaw.

    *shrug* trying to be regional … and yum.

  7. I came to leave a few suggestions, but Phoebe already gave them all. I will repeat: carnitas, chorizo. I was gonna say Linguiça instead of lengua, but tongue would work.

    Blue fish are relatively inexpensive and local to Carolina waters. Smoke ’em and they’ll make great tacos.

  8. Tom from Raleigh says:


    Where are you getting your tortillas? If possible, go to a tortilla factory the day of the event. A fresh tortilla makes an unbelievable difference. There’s one out on 98 in Durham that makes their own carnitas. It’s a heavenly combo.

    Tongue is such a wonderful meat in a taco. I find it best to cure the tongue for a few days before boiling it.

    Cane Creek has some wonderful Ossabow pork right now. Maybe get a shoulder and make Cochinita Pibil, achiote pork slow roasted in banana leaves.

    For the veg option, i really like nopales. They have a nice almost tart flavor and they go well with poblanos.

  9. Ben says:

    I made some chorizo/potato/mushroom tacos from a Rick Bayless cookbook recently, and they were good.

  10. Mit says:

    A+ of an evening! Thanks so much!

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