I’ve Started a Second Blog

One of the things that I really like about this blog is that I’ve been able to keep it about food — with maybe one exception — since I started it years ago.  I haven’t ventured into music or literature or any of the arts. I haven’t discussed politics.

But one of the limitations of this blog is that it’s only about food, and lately, I’ve just had a lot of other things on my mind outside the world of what we eat, where we eat, and how we eat it. And I haven’t written much about food, either. Nevertheless, my ego is sufficiently large that I felt I needed another outlet outside of the food world.

So I’ve started another blog, the lamely named, VarmintWrites.  I probably won’t do much writing on the new blog, either, but I’m thinking of it as a place where I can post thoughts that require a bit more space than a Twitter or Facebook post.  Like today, when I wrote seeking guidance on a game plan to maximize my Hopscotch experience.

So join me over at VarmintWrites and leave a comment.


One Response to I’ve Started a Second Blog

  1. You haven’t been thinking about food? All the time? That’s not acceptable! ::: Big Grins::::

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