Help Stir That Pot

OK, admit it. Ashley Christensen is a rock star. Not just Raleigh’s rock star, but she has national attention now. We’re just lucky to have her here.

So when Ashley Christensen supports a cause, like she does with her Stir the Pot events for the Southern Foodways Alliance, it must mean a lot to her. And because I’m a member of the board of directors of the SFA, well, dammit, I want you to join Ashley, me and a bunch of other great people this Sunday and Monday.

If you want some kick-ass, high end food and wine, get a reservation for Sunday’s special dinner at Poole’s featuring chef Ed Lee of Louisville, KY’s 610 Magnolia. This guy can flat out cook, so this will be an incredible dinner (with fantastic wine, of course).  The dinner will cost you $150 plus tax and tip, but the money goes to the SFA’s documentary film initiatives.

But in this economy, I understand if you can’t swing a big ticket item like Sunday’s dinner. So just plan on joining us at Ashley’s lovely home Monday evening for the “Industry Potluck.” Make something tasty, and then bring it and a check for $35, and you’ll get to rub elbows with a lot of local food celebs, including chefs and food writers.

So, what’s your excuse? Pick up the phone and call Poole’s at 832-4477 to make your reservations. See you soon!


4 Responses to Help Stir That Pot

  1. Hey there. Couldn’t agree more about Ashley and the Stir the Pot fundraiser. Sorry I didn’t get to connect with you last night. I’ll miss Symposium this year but will be there in spirit. Good to be with friends last night in Raleigh. Cheers.

  2. Matthew says:

    I was there at the potluck and it was good. I don’t think I saw one spot of kitchen counter/table space that wasn’t covered with something extraordinarily tasty!

  3. Wish we could have been there. Hopefully next time.

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