More Tomatoes, Of Course


I wanted to make sure I posted photos of the three other types of tomatoes I’m growing. The big red one (it’s actually very pink in real life) is a Missouri Pink Love Apple. I haven’t tasted it yet.

The small red one (also really pink) is the Pearly Pink.

And the big-ass yellow one is a Jubilee. That’s what we’re having in the McCord household, a tomato jubilee!






3 Responses to More Tomatoes, Of Course

  1. dmwcpa says:

    If you have not tried it yet, roasted homegrown tomatoes are wonderful.

  2. Ben says:

    We had a bunch of tomatoes last weekend and made Martha Stewart’s Tomato Cobbler recipe. I recommend you check it out, it was awesome.

  3. Fagan says:

    Hey there – just wondering where you get your tomato plants/seeds from? I have had luck with cherokee purples and german johnsons, but have a hard time finding others. We also have some green grape tomatoes that look like yours – I love them! I am not that far from Raleigh/Durham, so if you get them locally, I would love to know where!

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