Look, Mom, look at my cantaloupe! I grew it all by myself! Aren’t you proud?

Yes, I do feel like a little kid with this garden, showing it off to the handful of readers who’ve stuck with this blog. I get giddy, but darn it, this has been fun.  And I now frequently get asked, “How’s your garden?” And, of course, I smile and begin to tell them how great it is.

This cantaloupe is very tasty. Have I had better cantaloupe? Honestly, yes. Have I had fresher cantaloupe? Never. Have I had more satisfying cantaloupe? Not on your life.

The recent rains did a number on one of my watermelons, causing it to burst open while still on the vine. The ants have enjoyed it immensely, however.


5 Responses to Cantaloupe!

  1. ‘Lopes! Love the ‘lopes! You did NOT grow that your ownself in your home dirt. You did NOT! Did you really? That is so wonderful, of course you are proud. I have (I think) 2 cantaloupes on the vines, which are still small and green, late start getting them into the garden-dirt-box. Thought they were watermelons but the roundness and lines got me thinking, not so much. A gift from a gardener in styrofoam cups, and I threw the cups away so it was a mystery. It makes me humble; some people must feel about cooking the way I feel about gardening and working on cars and dancing. How do they DO that? How can they remember all the x y and z? Oh my gosh, I did something and it worked! Keep me posted, love it.

  2. Mittnay says:

    Seriously considering coming by your house and veg-napping some of your bounty!

  3. JaneS says:

    Congratulations on the cantaloupe! I was very curious to see how they would come out. We had a garden plot in NoVa years ago and Chris tried growing them. All seemed to be going well until about a week before harvesting when the yellow jackets started eating them…so pleased to see yours didn’t suffer a similar fate.

  4. Excellent! 103 degrees here in Lexington SC is baking my tomatoes on the vine. Very Sad. Hope your NC weather treats your garden well!

  5. Aw! It’s so purty, Varmint.

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