Ashley Christensen on Iron Chef America July 24

Ashley Christensen, chef and owner of Raleigh’s Poole’s Diner, will be on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” on July 24 at 10 PM.  Christensen chose Iron Chef Bobby Flay as her competition, which was recorded some time now. Although some news leaked out that Ashley was on Iron Chef, the details have been highly confidential, including the outcome.  I believe she is the second local chef to appear on the show, as Walter Royal of the Angus Barn beat Cat Cora in 2007 several years ago.


7 Responses to Ashley Christensen on Iron Chef America July 24

  1. I believe Walter’s triumph was 2006. (I’ll admit I only know because I looked it up just yesterday after interviewing him for a story next week on grilling steaks.)

  2. Varmint says:

    I knew it was the 06-07 season. Thanks for the correction, and I hope you like the way I “fixed” it.

  3. Any idea when this might re-air? I hate I missed setting my DVR, as planned

  4. neal2zod says:

    It looks like this ep will re-air this Thursday at 11pm.


    Varmint – that was an informative link you posted on how Iron Chef is “rigged”, but would you be pointing that out if Christensen had won? Plus I don’t see how advance knowledge of the ingredient, or the chefs making second dishes for the judges, or the 2-hour long tasting/judging section being boring, would make it “rigged” in anyone’s favor.

  5. Varmint says:

    There was a lot more going on during the taping that I’m not sure I’m free to discuss, but those in the know told me things were very skewed. Far more than what was in that article.

    I’m terribly biased in favor of Ashley, but I also recognize that none of us could taste the dishes, so we leave that to the judges. But in the two other categories, even with my inherent bias, she was more creative and her presentation was better than Flay’s. Yet Flay had higher scores.

    Oh, well. It’s entertainment.

  6. ncsulilwolf says:

    Thanks for the info on the re-air! I was able to DVR and catch it 🙂

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