Restaurant Review Roulette: Spartacus Restaurant

OPA!!!  You know, I really like Greek food, but I rarely eat it.  The saganaki is always a treat for the family, you can’t go wrong with kabobs, and any cuisine that highlights lamb can’t be bad.  There’s lots of great olive oil and herbs I love and feta and more.  Why, oh, why do I hardly venture out to a Greek restaurant then?  And why have I never been to Durham’s Spartacus Restaurant, which has been open for 17 years and is the subject of Greg Cox’s review this Friday?  I can come up with a lot of excuses.  I don’t get over to Durham all that much anyway.  Hell, I don’t get out to eat that much, period (except for lunch).  And when I’m craving a food, it’s probably not the simple, classic style of cooking that is Greek food (except for the occasional lunchtime gyro, but even that’s not something I do all that much).

Anyhow, I suspect Spartacus has lasted for nearly 2 decades because it’s good, high value food.  It’s a place where the owners value the customers.  It’s not because of it’s location, in the old South Square area on the Chapel Hill side of Durham, nestled by a Target and a Sam’s Club (or maybe that is a reason for its success, with all the traffic in the area).  Maybe it’s because of their belly dancer, Paola.  I might give the place a try on a Friday night just for that!

I also think that Greg Cox will have liked Spartacus.  Maybe not loved it, but a strong like.  So the question ultimately comes to this: is Spartacus a 3 star place, or does it get that extra half star?  My head tells me that it’s just 3, but for some reason, I’m leaning towards that 3.5 star review.  I could chicken out and give them both the same odds, but I’m not going to do that.  Here we go:

5 stars — 100 to 1

4.5 stars – 25 to 1

4 stars —  3 to 1

3.5 stars — 7 to 5

3 stars — 6 to 5

2.5 stars — 5 to 2

2 stars — 5 to 1

1.5 stars — 8 to 1

1 star — 23 to 1

Yeah, I really went out on a limb with those odds.  Anyhow, what’s your prediction?  And do I need to get over to Durham?


Edit, December 10, 2010: Argh!  I really missed on this one, as Greg Cox gave Spartacus 2.5 stars.  I’m losing my touch.  Or I’m getting lazier by not doing any research on this place.


3 Responses to Restaurant Review Roulette: Spartacus Restaurant

  1. burgeoningfoodie says:

    I’ve not been to Spartacus in ages and the last time I was there was a buffet. It wasn’t extraordinary, but it was good. Just not anything special.

  2. Tom from Raleigh says:

    I like it better when you don’t research the place. The wild guessing game is fun. I didn’t see a lot of negatives in the text of the review to indicate a 2.5 star rating.

  3. Varmint says:

    I prefer to have eaten at the restaurant, but that happens so infrequently, that when it comes to restaurants I’ve never heard of, I at least do some basic research. On a place like Spartacus, which has been around for quite a long time, I chose to go with my gut, which is often a mistake.

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