Restaurant Review Roulette: Capital Club 16

September 22, 2010

I hadn’t really wanted to go to Capital Club 16 in downtown Raleigh, purely because I nonsensically dismissed the place for its name.  It was far too close to the “Capital City Club,” and, quite frankly, I don’t like any operation with the word “Club” in it.  As I said, it’s nonsensical.  And now I’m starting to think that I’ve been missing out on a really good place.  A somewhat upscale diner that features some German influences in its menu.

Greg Cox is reviewing this place on Friday, and I suspect he just may like it.  Just like I suspect that I would like it, too.  The chef, Jake Wolf, appears to have a sense of what would work in downtown, part hipster, part style, and lots of sensible menu choices.  The prices are incredibly reasonable, too.

Cox generally won’t give more than four stars to casual dining places, unless it has something “extra” to offer in the way of food, like Poole’s Diner (and speaking of that cap, it’ll be interesting to see what he gives Bella Mia in next week’s review, which is easily the best pizza in the area, if not the state).  So I suspect that he’ll give this place at least 3.5 stars, but I’m thinking that 4 stars would be the better bet.  We shall see.

Here are this week’s odds:

5 stars — 16 to 1

4.5 stars – 8 to 1

4 stars — 4 to 5

3.5 stars — 8 to 5

3 stars — 3 to 1

2.5 stars — 8 to 1

2 stars — 11 to 1

1.5 stars — 23 to 1

1 star — 39 to 1

I’m sure many of you have been to Capital Club 16.  So how was it?  And how many stars do you think it will receive?


Edit, September 24, 2010: Greg Cox gave Capital Club 16 a solid 3.5 star rating.