I Could Like this High-Tech Stovetop

The William Stovetop has just about all the features, and the control, that any home cook would want.  If this thing could crank out the BTUs and is easy to clean, I could see having this in my home.  The data that the unit offers is very cool, as it the basic concept.  It’s just a prototype right now, unfortunately.


6 Responses to I Could Like this High-Tech Stovetop

  1. chris says:

    I like this concept and the flexibility and control it could give, but like so many reviews of this product, it doesn’t show where I could see the product, or buy it, or even if I am only looking at a prototype looking for a market. I assume it works best with 220V, but are the controls and processors reliable, and can I order parts and repair them myself. Who has The Williams in a home. What does a user think of it. I want to know more.
    Thanks, Chris

  2. I’m pretty much scarred for life on flat cooktops with heating from underneath. The one I tried was not nearly so easy to clean as they said it was. I also don’t like the way it regulated heat underneath me. But to each their own.

  3. aburtch says:

    Excellent! I love it. Now where can I get one and when will the price come down something I can afford?

  4. chris says:

    Have you seen a price? I simply can’t find anything about pricing it or seeing it or hearing a practical test in a real kitchen. I think it is just a prototype.
    Perhaps it is being used in another country. My stove top is a glass top that works well, cleans easy and provides me a fast cooking surface. It’s not gas but an OK compromise.

  5. dmwcpa says:

    It does not appear that this would work well with my good old cast iron skillets. I think I would stick with gas.

  6. chris says:

    I think a gas cook top is the ideal. I only select electric because my gas line volume in my condo was designed for heating and nothing else. A gas top stove and heavy cast iron cook wear is a favorite of mine. an electric stove that has some flexibility can approximate gas as a second choice, but it is still nothing compared to cast iron and fire. I do use my cast iron with my flat top at times and with some adjustments in pan handling I get the result I want.

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