Restaurant Review Roulette: Zayka Indian Cuisine

This week’s review is an Indian restaurant about which I know nothing: Zayka Indian Cuisine.  Might be good, might be not so good.  The teaser in today’s N&O talked about “hits and misses.”  That’s usually a bad sign.  So I’m just going to cut to the chase and say this will be a 2 to 2.5 star review.  How do I know that?  I don’t.  And I have not done one bit of research.  I’m just guessing now.

5 stars — 500 to 1

4.5 stars –450 to 1

4 stars — 40 to 1

3.5 stars — 7 to 1

3 stars — 5 to 1

2.5 stars — 2 to 1

2 stars — 7 to 2

1.5 stars — 8 to 1

1 star — 19 to 1

Tell me about Zayka, please.  Tell me that I’m wrong and it’s great.  Please!


(June 18, 2010 Edit) — He liked it.  He really, really liked it.  OK, so Greg Cox gave it 3 stars, but that’s more than what I thought he’d do, so congratulations to Zayka!


3 Responses to Restaurant Review Roulette: Zayka Indian Cuisine

  1. Wendy T. says:

    I’ve been to Zayka three times. I wish I could say it was because I found the food to be outstanding, but the truth is much more about proximity. I’d say 80% of what I’ve had there was good. Not great. The décor is nice. I think the prices are high considering the simplicity of the menu. They do make an effort at presentation but in the end, I want quality more than a pretty serving dish. My last dinner was $70 for three people. It consisted of Butter Chicken (great) & Lamb Korma (I seriously think this was goat, it was very gamey and tough), Vegetable Briyani, Naan and a glass of wine for my mother-in-law. It was not overly large portions but it was sufficient for the three of us.

    I have to say I still haven’t found Indian food they way I like it to be. My favorite ever is in Manhattan. Curry In A Hurry. ( It would definitely fit in on an ethnic episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. (98% locals and most of those cabbies.) Dinner for my husband and our two daughters would usually run us $35 with tip. No atmosphere, group seating, melamine dinnerware but oh my gosh so very, very good.

    I guess if I were feeling generous I’d give Zayka three stars. My friend says it is much better at lunch since the buffet is reasonable and allows you to sample several dishes. I’d go back again. Especially if I were really pining for Indian food and happened to be in Brier Creek…

  2. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Wendy which places have you been to so far?

  3. VaNC says:

    Ben to Zayka, as it is a good lunch spot to meet hubby from RTP, or after tennis at Brier Creek. The lunch buffet is one of the freshest in the Triangle and I have found it to be consistently good, although I think their vegetable dishes are the strongest.

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