Restaurant Review Roulette: Lucky Chicken

Damn you, Greg Cox!  This week, Greg is reviewing yet another restaurant about which I know absolutely nothing: a Peruvian chicken joint in Clayton named “Lucky Chicken.”  However, I think I can come up with a pretty good guess of what Greg’s going to say about this, as I’ve got this guy figured out (yes, restrain those chuckles, please).

First of all, this is by no means a white tablecloth establishment.  It’s a simple, out of the way, mom and pop joint that could be given a label of an “ethnic eatery.”  I really don’t know what such a label means anymore, but it’s a non-Western European cuisine.  Greg Cox loves these types of joints, and when he decides  to write a full review of such a place, it’s because he likes it.  I also know that when it comes to cheap eats sort of places, like Lucky Chicken, Cox will not give it more than 4 stars (unless it’s truly transcendent, but I’m not sure if he’s found one of those places).  Moreover, I know of no other Peruvian chicken place in the area.  I’ve only had Peruvian chicken once, from a great take-out place in the Upper East Side of New York, and it was fantastic.  Because of the uniqueness of Lucky Chicken to the area, it gives it another half star.

So, the question is whether this place is going to be a top-notch 3.5 star hole in the wall, or a knock-your-socks-off 4 star place.  I’m really thinking of 3.5 stars, but for some reason, I can’t let go of the possibility of 4 stars.  Call it a hunch, but I’m going with 4 stars.  Call me Lucky.

Here are this week’s odds:

5 stars — 300 to 1

4.5 stars – 45 to 1

4 stars — 2 to 1

3.5 stars — 5 to 2

3 stars — 5 to 1

2.5 stars —  9 to 1

2 stars — 15 to 1

1.5 stars — 25 to 1

1 star — 60 to 1

How lucky will Lucy Chicken be??


Edit June 11, 2010: Greg Cox gave Lucky Chicken 3.5 stars.  Argh, I thought this was going to be one of those 4 star review places, but I was off by half a star.  Still, he called the Peruvian roast chicken “gloriously delicious.”  Looks like a trip to Clayton may be in order!


5 Responses to Restaurant Review Roulette: Lucky Chicken

  1. Nate says:

    Actually, Greg has favorably mentioned Mami Nora’s Peruvian chicken ( ) in Durham before. They’re also opening a Raleigh location any day now. It is excellent, and an amazing value. Lucky looks pretty awesome too – wish I was closer to Clayton…

  2. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Nate, I was just writing the same response. I second that Mami Nora’s is great. Their new Raleigh location on Wake Forest Road (In the old Miami Subs/Papa Lous location) will absolutely clean up!

  3. Tooth says:

    The Peruvian chicken with a side of smashed and fried green plantains at Mami Nora’s comes pretty close to being transcendent.

  4. Rafe says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that Mami Nori’s is opening in Raleigh. I was a bit crushed when the Pollo Rico restaurant in Cary closed — hopefully Mami Nori’s will fare better. America would be a better place if half the fried chicken places out there (we can start with all the KFCs) were replaced with Peruvian chicken joints.

  5. MB says:

    Last night I was lucky enough to try Lucky Chicken. It was absolutely fantastic. We had 1/2 of the chicken and the lomo saltado to share. I highly recommend both.

    BTW, across the street is Tre Colori which serves gelato. I haven’t tried that yet but maybe you should save room.

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