Restaurant Review Roulette: Tribeca Tavern

Rocky Top Hospitality’s latest restaurant, Tribeca Tavern, is an homage to burgers.  And it’s the subject of News & Observer restaurant critic Greg Cox’s review this week.  Located in a huge space in Cary, I’ve heard a few decent things about the place and their burgers.  I’ve heard they grind their own beef and bake their own brioche rolls.  I’ve also heard that the service is a bit suspect, which should not surprise anyone — as any new place of this size will take quite some time until they get the kinks worked out.

I love me a good burger, and I’ll be heading over to try a Tribeca Tavern version one of these days, regardless of what Greg Cox’s review says.  I suspect he’ll like the burgers.  I suspect he’ll not like the service.  I suspect he’ll think the menu is too expansive, leading to inconsistency in other foods.  And I suspect he’ll give Tribeca Tavern 3.5 stars.

Here are this week’s odds:

5 stars — 50 to 1

4.5 stars – 14 to 1

4 stars — 5 to 1

3.5 stars — 2 to 1

3 stars — 4 to 1

2.5 stars —  7 to 1

2 stars — 11 to 1

1.5 stars — 18 to 1

1 star — 64 to 1

So, what do you think Greg Cox will give Tribeca Tavern?


(Edit — June 4, 2010) — Well, it’s a 3-star review for Tribeca Tavern.  Restaurant critic Greg Cox noted that the place was still on the upside of the learning curve, and the burgers outshine anything else on the menu.  Cox also prefers his burgers to be of the simple variety, instead of the myriad “baroque” combinations on the menu.

Point of correction: the buns at Tribeca Tavern are not baked in-house.  They’re baked by the local Neomonde bakery.  They get a lot of their stuff from in-state providers including beef, cheeses, produce and even pickles!  Thanks to owner Dean Ogan for pointing this out to me.  I’m really going to have to give their burger a try.


4 Responses to Restaurant Review Roulette: Tribeca Tavern

  1. Alan says:

    I could see 3 stars. Good but not great. I thought my burger was underseasoned when we went, I’d go back though.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m gonna say 2 1/2 or 3. I’ve been there twice, and the burgers are pretty good, the beer selection’s good, but the other stuff I’ve tried wasn’t so hot.

    It’s not awful, but it’s not the best place in the world. (And I think Spirits has better burgers, and they only got 3 stars in their review).

  3. Lisa -- says:

    Their burgers are quite tasty. I had a burger with a perfectly fried green tomato and goat cheese. Heavenly.

  4. Charlie says:

    LOVE the rolls, like the burgers. Overall, though, Tribeca needs better service to even out the value equation.
    Service during my last visit was much improved, but they are still more focused on selling the menu & origin of ingredients than on fully serving the customers.
    Interesting side note: while they do offer outdoor seating (which is great on temperate days), our ground-level outdoor table was adjacent to both the restaurant’s outdoor speakers and the shopping center’s property-wide ambient speakers (each with their own style of music), providing an aural collision that did not improve the experience.
    This isn’t nit-picking, rather a symptom of a larger flaw: service, atmosphere, & food prep ALL have an equal share in the experience. I can live with a $15 lunch bill, but with 5 Guys burgers only a few doors down, Tribeca Tavern needs to do more to surround the customer with value.

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