Restaurant Review Roulette: Giorgio

This week’s review in the News & Observer will focus on Giorgio, the Cary-based creation of local uber-restaurateur, Georgios Bakatsias.  Bakatsias has opened over 35 restaurants over the years, and I believe Giorgio is his first venture into Cary since Cafe Georgios back in the 80s and early 90s.  He hired Chef Ricky Moore from Chapel Hill’s noted small plate restaurant, Glasshalfull.  The restaurant sticks to Bakatsias’ roots with a Mediterranean focus, not unlike his Durham outpost, Parizade.  In fact, I sense that Giorgio could be called Parizade of Cary.

I’ve not eaten at Giorgio, but I know Greg Cox has not been a big fan of Parizade, giving it only 2.5 stars (he originally gave it 2 out of 4 stars, which has subsequently been adjusted to 2.5 out of the current 5 star system).  The discussions on Chowhound and Yelp are mixed, so I’m thinking that this place wouldn’t dazzle Mr. Cox.  This tells me that Giorgio is going to get right around 3 stars — yet another middling restaurant in the eyes of Greg Cox (with whom I’m almost always in agreement in that regard).

Here are this week’s odds:

5 stars — 2,048 to 1

4.5 stars –128 to 1

4 stars — 16 to 1

3.5 stars — 4 to 1

3 stars — 3 to 2

2.5 stars — 5 to 1

2 stars — 12 to 1

1 to 1.5 stars — 50 to 1

Have you made it Giorgio yet?  If so, how many stars do you give it?  And what’s your guess for the Greg Cox review?


Edit (4/16/10):  Wow, was I ever wrong, as Greg Cox gave Giorgio 4 stars in today’s review.  This prognostication thing is a dangerous game to play, particularly when you know nothing about the restaurant.  I’m glad I’m not running an actually betting parlor on this, as I’d be out of business.


One Response to Restaurant Review Roulette: Giorgio

  1. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Yeah I’ve not seen the best reviews for this place and a lot of Mr. Bakatsias’ other places have declined.. save maybe Vin Rouge. I’ve been George’s Garage twice and thought it was only okay both times.. It closed of course. I’ve been to Parizade once for a Mother’s Day buffet and so I can’t comment on the typical service though I like the atmosphere and decor. The menu doesn’t look as Pan Hellenic as Papas. I’ve been Vin Rouge which I really enjoyed the food at. Bin 54 seems overpriced, Spice Street seems sleek but I have no desire for and his other places (even the new trattoria) just seem like more of the same. It seems like he should rethink his strategy and instead of making a bunch of mediocre places.. either make a few outstanding ones (not that he is a chef so much as businessman) and close up shop on the rest or make them all excellent. I don’t know…

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