Triangle Restaurants That Sound Like Sex Shops

This is a blatant rip-off of a recent piece in the Seattle Weekly, but I don’t give a damn.  Here are a few local restaurants that could be a sex shop if you didn’t know any better.  Sure, I may be making fun of some foreign language issues, but I’ll get over it if you do.

7.   Humble Pie — Frankly, any place with the word “pie” in it will qualify here, but this Raleigh institution fit the bill.

6.   Wang’s Kitchen — This is a silly, slightly politically incorrect take.

5.   Fu Kee Express — See above, but this one is a lot funnier.  If you need a quickie . . .

4.   Buns — So simple.  Sir Mix-A-Lot would like it here.

3.   Woody’s — Anyone with this name deserves a spot here.

2.   Twisted Noodle — I really don’t want to think too much what might go on in this place.

1.   Jerk Masters — They’re the absolute best when it comes to a nice jerk.

Honorable Mentions: Pho Cali (come on, say it out loud), Roast Grill (actually, just for their “Hot Weiners” sign), Casalinga (sounds dirty to me), Hot Pot, Globe.


4 Responses to Triangle Restaurants That Sound Like Sex Shops

  1. gabrielle says:

    Very nice. This post appeals to my sophisticated sense of humor. 🙂 My personal favorite is from outside of the Triangle- House of Wang, in Kinston. I cannot drive past it without laughing.

  2. Liz says:

    My favorite would have to be Papa MoJo’s Roadhouse in Durham…

  3. Julie says:

    There was a Hung Far Low Chinese restaurant in Portland…

  4. Carl says:

    How bout my old favorite. Lucky 32?

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