It Was an April Fool’s Joke, Y’all!

In case you didn’t read my entire post from last Thursday, where I announced I was discontinuing this blog, it was an April Fool’s joke.  I can’t tell you how many emails and comments I got, wishing me well.  Frankly, I’m touched that anyone even reads this thing and actually cares, so thanks, everyone.  But although it’s true that I will probably continue to write less due to my busy world, I’ll still have stupid things to say about food.

This also goes to show that a single April Fool’s joke is far more effective than a bunch of jokes issued at the same time.  My joke from last year, about Grant Achatz opening a place in Raleigh, was a pretty good one.   I still get emails asking me when that place will open up.  The other key is to make the joke at least semi-plausible — enough that someone who fell for the joke actually thinks of you as a jerk.


One Response to It Was an April Fool’s Joke, Y’all!

  1. Morgan L says:

    Question about Barbecue Joint in Chapel Hill – any word on why it is closed down and padlocked? I was really hoping to get there on Saturday, but very disappointed to find it closed. Thanks in advance for the update!

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