Restaurant Roulette: 618 Bistro

Greg Cox of the News & Observer reviews 618 Bistro this Friday.  How many stars will it receive?  Frankly, folks, I wanted to like this restaurant, as it is next door to my office, but it is laughably bad.   You may notice that I generally don’t write about restaurants I don’t like, as it’s really not what I do, so I wonder what Mr. Cox has to say.

If I had to set odds, I’d go with the following:

5 stars — 100,000 :1 (Hell, it could be 84 quadrillion to 1)

4 stars — 40:1

3 stars — 5:1

2 stars — 3:2

1 star — 6:1

What’s your bet?


Edit (February 26, 2010): Ouch.  Greg Cox gave 618 Bistro a mere one star.  I can’t remember the last time the N&O knocked a restaurant so badly, but honestly, that rating is very appropriate for this restaurant, which is a damn shame.  If you bet a buck on a solo star, you’ve made a good investment.  Which might be the only good investment you could make in this establishment.


6 Responses to Restaurant Roulette: 618 Bistro

  1. Victus Populi says:

    OOoo, more detail please! What was so bad about it? Their website looks really pretentious…what’s up with the violin? The menu sounds very Wolfgang Puck circa 1989 with the spa omelet, chicken burger and smoked salmon panini.

  2. CSorey says:

    Had lunch there a few weeks ago. Not bad, but not impressed either.

    (Drum Roll) – 2 Stars.

  3. dmccall says:

    I sure do love Which Wich! Can’t bring myself to even try 618 with WW right there.

  4. Recon says:

    Tried 618 a few nights before it’s grand opening. It was great. Went back a few weeks later expecting the same and was disappointed to find it had changed. Save your time, just walk next door and get a great sandwich and better service at Wich Wich.

  5. drew says:

    2 1/2, Greg’s a generous guy.

  6. foodie says:

    Pehaps 618 Bistro deserves another try. Ate there last night and found the food delicious and the service was excellent and helpful. From what I read here the menu has changed and we were quite satisfied with what we had to eat. We shared a small plate ahi tuna which was perhaps the best either of us have ever had, and we shared a lamb shank. The kitchen plated it separately for us without even being asked. It came with risotto that was nothing like Greg described in his review and perfectly cooked asparagus.

    Come on folks! Give is another chance! Can’t believe someone would prefer Which ‘wich to 618. I hate their service model. Why should I wait 45 minutes to order and get a sandwich that I can get elsewhere in minutes?

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