bu•ku to Open Today

bu•ku, the new “global street food” concept of Chef William D’Auvray, will open today. The menu is an eclectic assortment of exotic soups, breads, and other street foods, focusing primarily on Asia, but with a great mix of other regions including Eastern Europe (pierogi), South America (empanada), and Mexico (cochinita). Everything is made in-house, including the fantastic cha siu bao, the steamed barbecued pork buns from China, and the paneer, served with kale, sweet onion and cardamom. Indian chapati and papadum are also made fresh, in house.

Fortunately, for those who were fans of Fins, you can still get a lot of D’Auvray’s signature dishes, including his Indonesian style snapper and the best sashimi in town.

The restaurant’s decor has not changed. It’s the same big space, with some additional prints added. This type of more casual dining, however, should transform the restaurant. Whereas Fins was a place you went to on a special occasion, bu•ku will be a place for a group to get together for drinks and lots of great snacks. It’s a festive place, with flavors from across the world. And if you want that special meal, you can still get it at bu•ku. We certainly know that with William D’Auvray heading up the kitchen, the food will be excellent.

bu•ku will only be open for dinner this week, but I suspect lunch service will begin next week.

110 East Davie Street
Raleigh, NC 27601


3 Responses to bu•ku to Open Today

  1. Chris says:

    Would be nice if the menu were available online. Can you give us a sneak preview?

  2. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Menu and updated website are UP!

  3. disappionted eater says:

    I tried this place and left disappointed. Having lived in Asia for 2 years, I was excited at the prospect of a global street food restaurant right here in Raleigh, but alas, it wasn’t global street food at all on the menu. The tuna tataki and the seasoned shrimp dish were the best items on the menu, and well, no where near authentic in taste. I don’t think the owner of BU KU should claim that his restaurant serves global street food–it’s false advertising. Well, on to the next place.

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