Triangle Food Gossip

While I continue to catch up with my work, I thought I’d post a few tidbits on some news involving local chefs and restaurants.

  • Phoebe Lawless’ Scratch Bakery will be opening a retail spot in the spring in downtown Durham at 111 Orange Street.  The bakery will feature all of Phoebe’s great offerings, including pies and, of course, her legendary donut muffins.  This doesn’t mean that Phoebe will stop going to the Durham Farmer’s Market, however, so you’ll have one more place to get her awesome stuff.
  • Herons was awarded 5 stars by News & Observer restaurant critic, Greg Cox, the first place to receive a 5 star review.  Other establishments have the full 5 stars, but at the time they were reviewed, they received 4 stars, which was the top mark at the time.  The N&O has since moved to a 5 star ranking.  Herons’ chef Scott Crawford and his right hand, Steven Greene, celebrated in part by dining at Chicago’s renowned Alinea.  They had to suffer through 35 of Grant Achatz’s courses, the poor guys.
  • Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner was recently honored by cooking at the prestigious Blackberry Farm’sTaste of the South,” raising money for the Southern Foodways Alliance.
  • Chef Rob Bland has parted ways with Urban Food Group’s Coquette.  Bland was instrumental in bringing French brasserie fare to the Triangle.  No word on what Bland will be doing next or who will be taking over that kitchen.
  • Speaking of Urban Food Group, they have taken over as the exclusive food provider of the Woman’s Club of Raleigh, giving UFG a legitimate catering presence in the Triangle.

There’s a number of other interesting tidbits that I’d love to share, but I’m currently sworn to secrecy.  Let me just say that there will likely be a lot more action in the Raleigh food scene in the coming year, and I’m pretty damn excited about that.


6 Responses to Triangle Food Gossip

  1. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Sad to hear about Bland leaving Coquette. Did he just figure he was done there? I hope the parting was amicable and I hope the restaurant doesn’t suffer because of it.

    I’m still waiting to return to Herons with a reason to spend the money (outside of great food). I’d think about Valentine’s day but don’t want to limit myself to a tasting menu with smaller portions on the other hand.. It may be the only time such dishes may be presented.. drat the decisions.

    Look forward to trying Scratch Bakery’s food and seeing what all the fuss is about.

  2. sally says:

    I was just at Coquette the other day and saw him in the restaurant. (Well, maybe it was 2 weeks ago.)

    I’d love to hear more scoop about the new restaurant that’s coming to downtown, Capital Club 16, when you hear it. That sounds promising…..

  3. feistync says:

    Have people been to Herons for breakfast? It is so yum!

  4. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Did you by chance snag a ticket to David Chang at the Lantern? 150 a head. From what I’ve heard, the same menu will be presented a day earlier sans Mr. Chang but you get an autographed copy of his book.

  5. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Sally I saw that about Capital Club 16. The chef and wife I think are originally from NC. He was recently head chef at what was essentially a german indoor beer garden (Zum Schneider) that people on Yelp at least seemed to love and that NYT rated as a critics pick. Apparently he’s going to do a little of everything.

  6. Unreliable says:

    Bland was let go by the mighty UFG and former chef of vivace Ian Sullivan has taken over Coquette.

    Bland has been working with the owner of Helios who is planning on adding a kitchen with hood and all to the coffeeshop.

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