Returning to the Restaurant Kitchen

I’ll be back in action this week, when I work a couple of shifts at Herons, the fantastic restaurant in Cary’s posh Umstead Hotel.  I’ll be in the Herons’ kitchen on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2 to 11 PM, and I suspect this will be different than my last go-around at Raleigh’s Globe Restaurant.  At Globe, I essentially just stepped in and did whatever was needed.  They gave me a bib and then just started having me prepare for an unexpectedly busy dinner service.  There wasn’t much organization, just a lot of craziness.

At Herons, I’ll have a training matrix.  What the hell is a training matrix?  I had to Google it, and I suspect that what it means is that Chef Scott Crawford is focused on making sure that I learn something out of this while not completely fucking up his dinner service.  I’ll have a chef’s jacket.  I have to wear black pants and have been told to bring my knife kit.  I’ve been told that my knife skills will be tested.  I can envision it now: “You call that a goddamn brunoise?  Throw that crap away and do it again!”

Actually, that’s now how Crawford leads, and so I suspect that I’ll get treated better than that.  But I’ll still probably be asked to do it again.

I know Herons is a little more expensive than Globe, but this is a completely different dining experience.  Come on out and give the place a try on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Scott Crawford won’t let me screw things up that badly.


6 Responses to Returning to the Restaurant Kitchen

  1. Colin says:

    Dean I look forward to meeting you and working with you at Heron’s Chef Scott runs a tight ship and I am sure it will be an eye opener for you as it was for me.

  2. Varmint says:

    Oh, I’m sure I will not only have my eyes opened, but I will be thoroughly humbled. See you this afternoon.

  3. The Gourmez says:

    I think you’re missing a word near the end of your first paragraph–“unexpectedly dinner service.” I assume you meant busy? Besides that though, wow, I look forward to the day I splurge and try out Heron’s, let alone take a stab at the kitchen! You are a brave man.

  4. Varmint says:

    Thanks for catching the missed word.

    It was a crazy day, but today will be much crazier. So many stories to tell. So little time.

  5. Lisa says:

    My husband and I went there last week for our anniversary. It was amazing.

    We had the tasting menu and it was divine. The service was impeccable. The setting was lovely.

    We have decided go back in December for our birthday (2 days apart). A wonderful place.


  6. Danilo says:

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