Poole’s Diner Supporting Another Great Cause

safechildPoole’s Downtown Diner is hosting a special fundraiser for a special organization, SAFEchild, on Sunday, October 18th from 6 to 9 PM.  Y’all know plenty about Poole’s and chef Ashley Christensen, how she’s been featured in the national press, how she’s been invited to cook with the top chefs in the country — with an invitation to cook at the posh Blackberry Farm for the Southern Foodways Alliance’s “Taste of the South” in January.  I write about Ashley a lot because she’s a fantastic cook, a better person, and a dear friend.

And now she’s supporting one of my favorite organizations in the Triangle: SAFEchild.

Never heard of them?  Well, you should.  SAFEchild is Wake County’s only non-profit private agency working to prevent child abuse.  They offer nearly a dozen different programs, focusing on everything from helping new parents deal with the sudden changes in their lives to working with men who suffered abuse and are now struggling to fight the urge to act out violently against their own children.  The frustration of parents’ struggles often is manifested in violence against children, and with so many families hurting economically in these trying times, the children suffer even more.

SAFEchild is a voice for those children, and this is an opportunity to combine your love for food with a contribution to a good cause.

So think about what you’re doing on the 18th, and if you’re free, consider heading to Poole’s, where you’ll have some amazing food and wine.  There’s a minimum donation of $150 per person, but that includes all the food you can eat, plus wine.  While you’re there, you also might learn a lot about SAFEchild and the wonderful things they’re doing for our community.  And if you do have plans, please consider making a donation.  Every little bit helps.

Click here for more information on the SAFEchild dinner at Poole’s Diner.


One Response to Poole’s Diner Supporting Another Great Cause

  1. Wow….this is a great article….thank you for promoting and supporting our important work to prevent child absue in Wake County. Marjorie

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