The Best Birthday Present Ever

carrotI turned 46 on Saturday and celebrated with a big party, drinking lots of tequila, eating tacos, and just having a great time.  A bunch of people ignored my “no gifts” requirement, of course, and now I have more tequila than I started with and a lot of great looking wines.  But the best gift I received came from my wife.

My wife is a very practical woman.  She doesn’t like material things, but she knows that I do.  So this year, I was trying to think what she might be getting me.  She knows I’d like a nice GPS system for my car.  I know she’s aware that I dream of the day that I have a big screen, flat panel TV (we watch most television on an old, 19″ cathode ray set — yeah, I no longer am allowed to carry my “man card”).  So I thought this might be the year that I get something grandiose.

And I did, but this gift was nothing electronic.  What I got was so much better:  a garden.

See, I’ve always wanted a garden.  I tried to do something this year beside the house, but that area just didn’t get nearly enough sun.  Even though we have over half an acre of land, there is only one spot that gets sun nearly all day, and that’s on a hill where nothing could be planted.  So my wife got in touch with one of her close college friends, who is a landscaper, and they’re going to create a two-level terraced garden on that hillside.  It’ll only be about 150-200 square feet, but I can grow a lot there.  And we can set it up properly, with good drainage and fertile soil.

Construction begins next month, and the difficult part will be waiting until next spring to get started.  But dammit, I’m gonna have me a garden, thanks to my wonderful wife.


3 Responses to The Best Birthday Present Ever

  1. Chad says:

    What a great gift! You might want to take a look at some of the workshops offered by The Gardener’s Kitchen ( I’m looking into taking her Winter Garden class to get a plot set up for next year. She also offers a Spring Garden Planning workshop. I’m envious of your terrace garden. That’s just cool.

  2. Mittany says:

    Yay! More fresh veggies in the neighborhood!

  3. amanda says:

    that is the truly the best gift ever. it sounds wonderful. we can’t wait for photos. Please document the whole process!

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