A Hot Bath a Day Keeps the Berry Mold Away

rasberriesHarold McGee has an interesting story in today’s New York Times, focusing on one technique to keep berries from rapidly molding, which is so frequently a problem: he heats them briefly in a hot water bath.  McGee discovered that a 30 second bath in 125 degree water substantially reduces the amount of mold growth on strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, whereas blueberries required 30 seconds in a 140 degree bath.

Most importantly, the quality of the fruit was not compromised.

This is an experiment I need to try, as I can’t tell you how many raspberries I’ve had to toss because of that ultra-fast mold growth.  It appears from nowhere, even in the refrigerator.

Harold McGee, food scientist, is once again my hero.  The geeks shall rule the world!!!


2 Responses to A Hot Bath a Day Keeps the Berry Mold Away

  1. Sarah says:

    good info to know since raspberries and blackberries are “buy one get one free” at Harris Teeter starting today.

    I hope I can still get some blueberries locally at the farmer’s market this week.

  2. feistync says:

    Wow, cool tip! But I thought you weren’t supposed to wash berries until you’d eat ’em within 24 hours???

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