The Pit to Expand

pit-100Not the most earth-shattering news, but business has been so good for The Pit that they’re about to expand, according to pitmaster Ed Mitchell.  They’ll be opening a new take-out window where you can get as much barbecue as you want.  Mitchell told me that business has been extremely good, and you need reservations on Thursday through Saturday unless you want to eat very early or late.  Obviously, all the attention Mitchell and The Pit have been getting of late has really paid off.


6 Responses to The Pit to Expand

  1. susan says:

    This past Tuesday, wanting an after-work meal, we couldn’t book a table before 8:00.

  2. Tyler says:

    Just came from there today after having lunch with my brother. The place was packed when we showed up about 1:30. I’m sure Ed’s appearance on Throw Down with Bobby Flay didn’t hurt, but the food speaks for itself. The ribs were outstanding today! I am thrilled The Pit is doing so well.

  3. Mittany says:

    Yep, we were there last Monday – ate in the bar. Place was packed. Food is all it claims to be.

  4. MB says:

    After my experiences prior to June, I’ll pass for a while on the Pit. I’m glad that Ed is doing so well and maybe by the fall I’ll be ready to give it another shot. For now though, it up Hwy 86 or head east to Greenville or Ayden.

  5. TC says:

    I’ll preface by saying I really like the Pit, but….I think it’s funny that what Ed built his reputation on, chopped BBQ, is the weakest offering on the menu. The ribs, chicken (fried & bbq), brisket, pork chops (formerly), all extremely good. But if I want chopped BBQ, and I can’t take a trip west to Lexington, I’ll go to Allen & Son’s or even Cooper’s. Both have better chopped Q. It’s not a good sign, when the chopped turkey bbq tastes just as good as the chopped whole hog. It makes me cringe when I hear of his chopped Q representing North Carolina.

    To add though, I hate that they got rid of the Pork Chop, it was unbelievably good. Best thing on the menu. Oh well.

    Though, to end on a positive, I LOVE having a place in downtown Raleigh that pit cooks their meat, and serves it along side a pretty darn good beer selection.

  6. Rob says:

    The Pit was a huge letdown…the so called fame of being featured on the Food Network, men’s Health magazine, etc has hurt more than helped. Took some family to The Pit 3 weeks ago, we sat down and they immediately announced they were out of the Ribs and Pork Shoulder…great start…then the double meat combo plates were such a small portion it was lauagable…and it got worse, the manager comes out and apologizes and then proceeds to bring a dollop of some port in a baby’s dish and say’s “is this going to work for ya”? It appeared they were rationing food to make it last…and low and behold the ribs were being served 20 minutes after we were told they were gone for the evening. This place was doing thing’s that most restaurants would never think of, and to be honest, with a full house most nights, why would they need to try and fix a customer’s complaint or issue. Horrible value…Ed must have been in the back rolling in the cash…

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