Welcome to the Blog World, Andrea

My good friend Andrea Weigl, esteemed food writer for the News & Observer, launched her new food blog, Mouthful, today.  I remember when Andrea started writing about food two years ago, and how excited she was about the entire process.  Since then, she’s gone to culinary school, written an award-winning article, and has established herself as one of the best food writers in the nation — yes, the whole damn country.  We’re quite lucky to have her in our little town, so make sure you check out her blog.  She only posted about 20 items today!


5 Responses to Welcome to the Blog World, Andrea

  1. Anonymous says:


    You are very sweet. I did go a little crazy today. But this is fun!


  2. Mittany says:

    I agree! Andrea is an asset. I was pleased to point my out of state friends towards Mouthful in today’s post!

    Welcome aboard Andrea.

  3. 1. thanks for note on andrea. it will be fun to see if she does have the goods
    2. as i see on the right, you are in maine, but skowhegan. the best thing about that area is that margaret chase smith came from there. hope you move over to better parts–probably the shore and a few other points.


    I was reading artcile by Andrea Weigi on the May 7, 2008 regarding the Porcupine Cake. I would like to know if she was able to find the receipe.

  5. LinaMhaniiss says:

    oh my word. You know the day I’m about to have Welll even WITHOUT the amazing pictrue the words BEFORE them saved my day AND I think the pic of Aven on my back though not the most glamorous one of Andrea (biting ants, sweat, sticky suckers, my boy taking pictrues of your butt ) really sums up Momma a wee bit very well . Us Momma’s want to be pretty..try really hard..pull it off sure..but..what really counts..are the treasures we carry around with us Luv yaMe

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