My Pressure Cooker

pressureI got my new pressure cooker yesterday, and I had to write something about it.  Of course, I was tempted to use a clever title, such as “Under Pressure” or “Can I Handle the Pressure?” or some other idiotic play on words.  I spared you from that horror.

But now I have this device, a 6 quart Manttra version that I got for 25 bucks.   I wasn’t about to shell out the big bucks on something I don’t even know how to use, a device that could destroy the entire neighborhood if misused — OK, it could put my eye out at least.  I’ve heard how a pressure cooker can cook brown rice in 15 minutes, not an hour.  How potatoes can be read in 6 minutes.  How it will make cheesecake and roasts and an entire Thanksgiving dinner without even trying.  It’s the miracle tool.

Until my buddy Pableaux brought his Red Beans Road Show to the house last month, I’d never even seen a pressure cooker in action.  But then I saw how quickly he could cook a pot of beans, and I started to lust for a pressure cooker of my own.  And now it’s here, ready for action.

So tell me, how should I use it?  Where’s the best website for pressure cooker cooking (and I hate that term, pressure cooker cooking)?  I’m going to use this sumbitch, whether it kills me or not.  And based on what I’ve heard, it just might indeed bring an early end to my cooking.  Or be a revelation.


8 Responses to My Pressure Cooker

  1. Dave says:

    I would think the term would be “pressure cooking” (no “cooker”).
    I took a food class in college, and I’m pretty sure we used a pressure cooker to can with. I think you might need to check to be sure it can be used as a canner, though…

  2. Varmint says:

    Hey, I made brown rice in my pressure cooker today. It took about half an hour from the moment I started. Very, very cool.

  3. Erik says:

    Use it for broth. Good chicken broth in an hour. Not exactly consomme, but fine for gravys and such. Lets you make a broth after work and get it in the freezer while you clean up dinner.

  4. burgeoningfoodie says:

    When I was younger, I dated a girl who’s grandmother pressure cooked ribs. I had an aversion to ribs then because sometimes the bigger ones would be a pane to get off the bone. Well the pressure cooked ones fell right off and I believe it also made the bones tender.

  5. as least for your rice, i hope all you folks buy yourselves a decent japanese rice cooker. absolutely a whole world of difference. it only took us about 20 years to find the right one.

  6. Indiana says:

    global province,

    Don’t leave me hanging. What “right one” japanese rice cooker did you find after 20 years, and why is it the right one?


  7. neal2zod says:

    I got one of those Presto ones that they used to have the infomercial for. You know, the one where they put in dry pasta, wine, sauce, and frozen ground beef and it comes out cooked and delicious? Yeah, don’t try it – it was chewy, rubbery, and it took forever to scrub the burnt stuff off the bottom.

    I’ve used it a handful of times since (mainly for goat dishes or curried rice) – but overall it just takes up storage. Plus the way my stove is positioned, the meaty/brothy steam that is released always ends up on the walls and the house smells beefy for the next week. If there’s a recipe for the pressure cooker that’s worth the hassle I’d love to know it.

  8. DBL says:

    Check out Miss Vickie’s. It’s the best resource on the web that I’ve found for pressure cooking.

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