The Triangle Top 50

The News & Observer’s Andrea Weigl has put together a list of the top 50 food items/icons in the Triangle, and boy, what a list it is!  And you know what?  There’s no way in hell I could have come close to doing such a great job.  Now mind you, there are a lot more than 50 things on this list as Weigl has a number of groupings, such as women chefs (Andrea Reusing, Amyu Trnquist and Ashley Christensen) as a single listing.

So go to the multi-media presentation and check out the listing.  What did she miss?  What should not be included?

Edit: Oh my goodness, this blog got a mention as #42 on the list!  Thanks, Andrea!!!


15 Responses to The Triangle Top 50

  1. David Williams says:

    Congratulations, that is a good list to be associated with. I am sure there were some things/people missed, but I consider it a very good list. Maybe it will need to be expanded to 100 in the next five years.

  2. Erin says:

    Very cool, Dean! Congrats!

  3. Tom from Raleigh says:

    Overall, I think it’s a good list. My list of 50 things I love about the Triangle food scene would probably be different and have a significant bias towards my personal tastes. In fact, let’s see:

    1. Locopops
    2. Super Wok
    3. Carrboro Farmer’s Market/State Farmer’s Market
    4. Sam’s Quick Shop
    5. Craig LeHoullier, local heirloom tomato expert and the man behind the Cherokee Purple tomato
    6. Larry’s Beans
    7. Allen and Son, especially the fact that Keith Allen chops wood to smoke the ‘que
    8. The Pop the Cap Effect: increasing the number of local breweries and the increased selection of beer from all over.
    9. Authentic tacquerias in nearly every city and town of the Triangle
    10. Farm to fork picnic
    11. Locally farmed produce
    12. Sushi in Raleigh: Waraji and the two others I like that I can’t name right now
    13. Watts Grocery
    14. Nana’s
    15. The Federal
    16. Wimpy’s
    17. Taco trucks
    18. Tortillas fresh off the conveyor belt at Miss Tortilla and a piece of chicarron hot from the fryer
    19. Grand Asia Market
    20. Roast Grill
    21. Heavenly pork products from Cane Creek Farm
    22. The Pit/Ed Mitchell
    23. Sitti
    24. Hickory smoked t-shirts from Fullsteam. Kudos to Sean for fusing food, beer and clothing
    25. The rise of Tyler’s Taproom. Every new one is better
    26. Poole’s Diner/Ashley C.
    27. Local cheese
    28. Cliff’s Meat Market in C’boro
    29. Fearington House
    30. Local food blogs/Chowhound South board
    31. Charlie Deal
    32. Daniel Bradford/Julie Johnson the people behind World Beer Festival and All About Beer magazine
    33. The Durham nexus: The intersection of 54 & 55 in Durham and especially the baby goat soup from Chosun OK as well as the tofu place nearby
    34. The Cary Food Nexus: around the corner from Super Wok and the Indian food to be found there
    35. La Fondita Birreria in Raleigh
    36. Compare Foods in Raleigh
    37. J. Betski’s
    38. A Southern Season
    39. Foster’s Market
    40. Weaver St. Market
    41. Foundation
    42. Local eggs from the farmer’s market, hardboiled
    43. Jibarra
    44. More farmer’s markets popping up each year
    45. Biscuits
    46. Mad Popper
    47. Mag Grill
    48. The BLT from Sandwhich
    49. Taylor’s Wine Market: get your gas, lottery tickets, Larry’s Beans and hot sausage biscuit in one fell swoop.
    50. Piedmont

    I’m probably leaving out a lot and would edit this further, but it was a fun exercise.

  4. Mit says:

    Well done!

    or should I say “medium rare” as I consider “well done” a travesty.

  5. Rochelle says:

    Hey Dean, is there any way to nab a hard copy of this? My husband and I are planning to eat and bike around Raleigh for 2 days in a couple of weeks, and this format is really hard to browse on the iPhone.

    Congrats on your listing!

  6. Erik says:

    Leaving off the State Farmer’s Market is a crime. I’ve found no better place to impress visiting foodies.

  7. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Things I thought were missing…

    La Vaquita

    The newcomers could be lumped together like
    Local Yogurt

    Jujube/Charlie Deal
    Clyde Cooper’s
    George Bakatsias

    Among plenty of other places…

  8. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Add to that list the boom in food tours that popped up.

  9. Jeff says:

    Conspicuous by their absence on the list: Carrboro’s taco trucks, especially the one at Johnny’s. And speaking of Johnny’s, it is now a little Mexican market…great prices on produce. And what is going on in back of the building must be experienced first hand. Also, Tom Robinson’s little seafood shack, behind Armadillo Grill in Carrboro, is a must.

  10. Varmint says:

    I would never put Clyde Coopers on the list, simply because they haven’t cooked barbecue over wood in ages. The problem with these types of lists is that you’re limited to the number you pick. Andrea went with 50, and quite frankly, the list is pretty darned representative of the Triangle food scene.

  11. burgeoningfoodie says:

    I’ve been curious about that Seafood Shack. When is he there and what does he do if you .. say only one tuna steaks? Also where is Johnny’s? I’ve seen two Taco trucks pop up.. one by the gas station on Main ST. catacornered to the Car Wash and another across the street from Padgette Station next to ArtCenter parking lot.

  12. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Sorry that should be only Want Tuna steaks?

  13. Jeff says:

    Tom Robinson’s is a Friday/Saturday thing. You can get whatever you want there…as long as it can be gotten at our coast. The best thing is to choose a whole fish and have them fillet it. Johnny’s is the blue Cape Cod on Main Street in Carrboro, half way down the hill toward Carrboro Plaza. It used to be a bait shop, and a great place to get pumpkins and Christmas trees. Now, the inside is a Mexican grocery, and around back, it’s an outdoor coffee place…a good place just to hang out. On Saturdays from 9 to 2, there’s a crepe trailer. Thursday thru Sunday evening there’s a taco truck, but I haven’t seen it lately, so they may have moved. It could be that they are just operating later during the summer.

  14. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Oh okay I know where those are. Good things to know. Didn’t know about Taco truck but did know about the Crepes.

  15. MB says:

    People are going to complain no matter what. It’s a great list. I will say that I love Ed Mitchell and his bbq but I hate his restaurant and the management team there.

    I agree with the person who posted about Maximillian’s. It is a gem. Oh and if you want great sushi try Carolina Sushi and Roll and order the Spring Forest roll. This place is run by a father and his daughter and they offer terrific food and service.

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