Are You a Foodivist?

Are you a foodivist?  I know a lot of foodivists, don’t you?  These are the people who care about where our food comes from.  They’re the ones who care about the use of pesticides and growth hormones.  They’re the ones like Michael Pollan or even Mark Bittman in his efforts to promote eating less meat (but not no meat!).  Or my friend Phoebe Lawless, who is passionate about the Triangle’s Slow Food movement.

The word “foodivist” came to me this morning, as I was looking at the current National Geographic and the story about the world’s food problems.  As I skimmed this article, I thought to myself that this is a story that most of America really hadn’t thought about, but it’s a tale that foodie activists around the world have been telling for years.  And because I didn’t like the term “foodie,” I made up my own word for these activists: foodivist.  Yeah, it’s stupid, and perhaps it’s a shameless attempt to coin a word, but I checked Google: zero hits.  There is no record for that word.  It makes sense and gets the point across.  And frankly, I’d be proud to be called a foodivist.  I am, however,  probably not a hard-core foodivist . . . yet.


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