Sign of the Apocalypse: Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta


In the world of bad ideas made worse, I offer as Exhibit A Domino’s new “Bread Bowl Pasta.”  Holy crap.  I can just imagine the meeting where this idea came up.  “Imagine yourself eating a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs.  What do most people want with that?  No, not wine, BREAD!  We all know that most folks like some bread with their pasta.  And so, why not combine the two?  Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, the Bread Bowl Pasta!”

If I were in that room, I would have either hurled or uttered a stream of profanities, but not because I was elated over the proposition.  Because I would have been stunned by how desperate Domino’s had become to introduce this ridiculous item.  And it might make me want to dream of the good old days when the grossest thing about Domino’s was the Youtube videos their employees posted.


14 Responses to Sign of the Apocalypse: Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta

  1. feistync says:

    LOL sounds gross.

  2. delianeal says:

    urgh, I have a tummy ache now.

  3. VaNC says:

    Ugghhh. Definitely not South Beach friendly. Another way to spread the cheapest of ingredients over lots of food to make people think they are getting a bargain..

  4. WOW, I can only imagine how many calories are in that monstrosity!

  5. Scot says:

    Still better than the KFC famous bowl (In concept, I’ve never tried either).

  6. neal2zod says:

    I actually think Domino’s is under-rated, but man these look gross. What is this anyway, 75% pizza crust?

  7. Psywen says:

    I think it’s an interesting and unique idea. I wouldn’t order it at Domino’s, but I wouldn’t mind playing around with the idea in my own kitchen. Plus my bf loves cooking and he’d find this a nice challenge. Though, it probably wouldn’t come out anything like the original. He likes “tweaking”, lol!

  8. Suz says:

    They’re giving these away free tomorrow, april 29 from 11-2… participating locals only. FYI

  9. Jim Gaffigan is probably working up a stand-up bit about this right now.

    “Let’s take a Pop-Tart and fill it with nasty meat!” That just kills me everytime.

  10. Victoria says:

    I have to admit to ordering Domino’s- more often during basketball season this year because it was the only delivery for my neighborhood.
    But I saw the ads for these breadbowl thingies and pretty much gagged.

  11. Caroline says:

    man you guys whine, i think it sounds pretty good. Even with soup in bread bowls, i usually don’t do any more than maybe break off a small piece and nibble on it. There is no written rule that you must eat the bread bowl. If it was pasta with a side of breadsticks would you be whining? No…wait..probably yes, beacause, oh my God, pasta AND bread?! Think of the carbs!!

    But as for the rest of us who eat junk food, but also know how to eat healthy food and exercise as well, it is soo edible.

  12. Laurie says:

    I hope it’s not as big as the Champps version! It took my husband and I 3 days to eat that thing.

  13. inuyasha lover says:

    have any of you even tryed it?? b4 u decide to make fun of something, try it 1st!!
    im eating 1 now and i love it!! and there arnt alot of carbs in it!!!

  14. ... says:

    How about instead of writing some snarky article like 200 other whiny d-bags that read someone else’s content and then think they’re going to put their own spin on it like they matter with a ridiculous head line like “Sign of the Apocalypse”, come up with a blog entry about something that matters like the humanitarian crisis in Darfur or homeless children in America…

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