The Best Recipe Site


A Twitter update from Mark Bittman led me to what is likely to be the best website for recipes on the internet:  Why is this so great?  Because it is an independent search engine that can search all of the main recipe sites, such as Epicurious, the Food Network, CHOW, and Recipezaar.  Because each result can be filtered by source, cuisine, time and more.  Because they have a toolbar that you can add to your browser.  Because you can examine the entire list of ingredients on the results page without leaving the page. is a creation of Food Network’s parent company, Scripps, and it has many of the features of another freestanding search site, Project Foodie.  But the interface of is far more user friendly, and the ability to easily examine ingredient lists makes it a lot easier to sort through recipes.

I love, but I’d like to hear your feedback, too.


9 Responses to The Best Recipe Site

  1. delianeal says:

    I haven’t joined up yet, but I had to bounce right back here because the first page says that it’s a site that “let’s you search and store. . . ”

    So the folks at Scripps Publishing have been infected with the spelling-doesn’t-count-on-the-internet virus as well? I’m so disappointed!
    ok, now I’ll go back and check it out for real. . . thanks for the link!

  2. Varmint says:

    Too funny. I emailed them to make them aware of that.

  3. David Williams says:

    No internet or newspaper recipes for me. Just from trusted magazines, Fine Cooking, Cooks Illustrated and Bon Appetit. Or trusted cook books.I tried an N&O recipe in 1983, it was horrible, never again. 1983, Damm I am old.

  4. MikeB says:

    Ugh! I was all set to move some of my recipes to but the recipe upload requires excessive detail for entry: Title, prep time, cook time, servings, and difficulty are all *required* “basics” for a recipe. Quantity, measurement, preparation, and ingredient (with a main ingredient designation) are all separate fields for a single ingredient. There is also a separate field for each step of the recipe instead of one large block. What is wrong with line-by-line listing of typed ingredients and blocks of steps separated by blank lines?

    Heh, I have to enter “1 pinches ground nutmeg” instead of “pinch of nutmeg” to list it as an ingredient.

  5. localkitchen says:

    Too funny, delianeal – I read the “let’s,” rolled my eyes, and left the site.

    In general, I don’t get many recipes from these “all comers” sites; too many bad recipes. I like sites where I have made a few recipes and I know that the author & I have similar tastes; 101 Cookbooks, Simply Recipes, Smitten Kitchen.

  6. Hmm, I think I like it. Food wins over grammar every time. I like the layout/interface, am not crazy about having to go to the recipe origin site but understand why.
    I tried to trip it up with some hard-to find recipes (e.g. ‘goetta’) and was pleasantly surprised.
    It’s pretty fast to return results.

    I’ll need to play with it some more (I like the Recipe Box idea) but so far, so good! Thanks for the linkage!

    And now I want to make Summer Rolls…

  7. VaNC says:

    Hey, Varmint, I thought you didn’t use recipes.

  8. Varmint says:

    Heh. I rarely follow recipes, but I look to them for ideas all the time.

  9. Victoria says:

    I generally use the innerwebs when I’m really stumped for ideas. I rely more on my cooking buddies, books and my brain.

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