Oregon Chef to Help Open Eno Restaurant

Chef Marco Shaw of Portland’s Fife will soon be headed to North Carolina to help open Durham’s Eno Restaurant and Market.  Shaw has been a major leader in the farm-to-table movement in Oregon, and Eno’s relationship with Coon Rock Farms should be a natural fit here in the Triangle. I had the pleasure of “hosting” Marco and his wife Julie when they scouted the area several months ago, and there is no doubt that their relocation will be a huge asset to us all.  Shaw is from D.C. and has spent a lot of time vacationing at the Outer Banks, so he is familiar with North Carolina traditions (and having proclaimed Wilbur’s to be his favorite NC barbecue, he obviously has great taste, too).


3 Responses to Oregon Chef to Help Open Eno Restaurant

  1. Varmint says:

    Point of clarification: the Oregon Live article I linked to stated that Shaw will be a co-owner of Coon Rock Farms, which is not true. I’ve been told that he will not have an ownership interest in the farm.

  2. Laura says:

    My friends live next door to Fife and were regulars there. They were sad to see them leave, but Portland’s loss is our gain. I’m glad they’re coming to Durham.

  3. Michael says:

    To Marco:It’s been an awesome run in Portland. Happy to see you moving to NC, where I went to grad school. Funny we’re crossing paths in the air!! So be well, and thanks for a few years of incredibly good food.

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