22 Pounds and Counting

I’ve dropped 22 pounds so far — that’s in a 12-week period.  I’ve been stuck right around this weight for about a week, but that’s OK with me, as it’s going to get a big bump because I’m running again.  Yes, now that I’m down to 216 pounds, my knees can take a pounding.  When I go out for a 4 mile run, I burn a lot of calories, and that is very, very good.  Plus, it’s actually a lot of fun (OK, maybe not a lot of fun, but it’s sort of fun at times).  I’m going to start looking for another half marathon to run in the fall.

I may eventually have to drop my caloric target somewhat.  Right now I have an 1800 calorie budget, which is a net figure after deducting exercise.  So if I have a hard work-out, I get to eat more that day!  However, I suspect that I may drop the budget to 1700 net calories on workout days.  That’s still a lot of food, particularly the way I’ve been eating.

I’m actually a bit anxious to find out what my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are.  They have to be far better than what they’ve been in the past.  My physician might even be a bit stunned, as he’s unaware of what I’ve been doing.

Finally, I like the way I’m cooking.  I’m doing more with fresh vegetables and fruit.  My dishes are often more colorful and tastier.  My kids are eating a lot of this food, too, and they’re realizing it ain’t too bad.  This, my friends, is a very good thing.


5 Responses to 22 Pounds and Counting

  1. ac says:

    Congrats, good to hear things are going your way and you are getting “used” to the changes.

  2. Leslie says:

    Congrats! Great progress. Thanks to you, I joined Calorie King and have actually kept up with it for a month or so – it’s helpful to get a better idea of how much I’m eating, especially since I love to eat (although at times it’s a bit stressful keeping to the calories it has me at!). I’m doing it more as a reminder to eat only what I love and ignore the stuff I don’t – trying to be more selective with what I eat and remember that I don’t have to eat everything on my plate! I would love to hear more about the meals you’ve been preparing and recipes.

  3. fuzzy says:


  4. Debbie Moose says:

    Congratulations! Last summer, I actually had one of those metabolic tests that tells you how many calories you use up and, therefore, how many you’d have to cut to lose weight. It came out around 1320. When the nutritionist looked at the required 3-day food diary – and I SWEAR I was honest – she said, “I don’t think you’re eating enough.” The only time in recorded history that anyone has ever said that to me.

  5. Hgfh says:

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