Help. Please.


This post is not about food.  It’s about kids, young kids who need a lot of help.

The Lucy Daniels Center helps very young children with mental and emotional problems.  People tend to ignore — or at least, not talk about — these problems, even though they are severe.  Did you know that there are more kids with mental health problems than those with asthma?  Yet the parent with a child having emotional troubles won’t talk about it out of embarrassment, thinking it’s a parenting problem or something that the child will grow out of.

The staff at the Lucy Daniels Center goes into family’s homes to help kids in need.  These are low-income families who are not charged a dime.  The Center also has nationally-recognized classrooms to help very young children who often have troubles with other day cares.  And finally, the Center has more traditional one-on-one therapy sessions with troubled children.  Ninety percent of the families receiving services from the Center receive some form of financial assistance.  That assistance comes from the generosity of individuals like you.

What’s important to understand is that when the Center helps one child, it also helps his or her family.  Moreover, it helps that child’s classroom, as there is inevitably less disruption.  Frankly, you might not notice the work that the Center does, but you would indeed notice it if it were gone.

I’m the Vice Chair of the Lucy Daniels Center and the chair of its Development Committee.  My job is to help raise money, pure and simple. That’s why I’ve broken my personal “food topics only” rule today to make a plea to my readers.  Please think of giving a few bucks to the Center.  You can go to my Firstgiving site and make a donation by credit card.   If I get forty people to give 25 bucks, that’ll be $1,000 for the Center.  But I want more, of course, as the Center needs it.  The economy has been tough on everyone, but it’s particularly hard on non-profits.  The Center has had to cut back dramatically, and now it may need to cut services or provide less assistance to families in need.  If we do that, less children will get the help they need.  Times are desperate, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you for help.

So please go to and make a donation.  Just eat at home one more day this week and donate what you would have spent.  You’ll be making a huge difference in the lives of these wonderful children.

Thank you.


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