Bacon Popcorn Perfected


This past weekend I ran some tests.  First, I used duck fat to pop some popcorn.  It was a noble experiment, with the duck fat adding a barely noticeable flavor to the corn, but it wasn’t life-altering (which was disappointing, as I currently have 8 pounds of duck fat in my fridge).

So then I tried popping the corn in some bacon grease that I had rendered from that morning’s breakfast.  Again, the grease added a very subtle bacon flavor to the popcorn, but it wasn’t enough for me.

And then the proverbial light bulb went off.  I melted some more of the bacon grease.  I then ground up a slice of crispy bacon into a powder (a spice mill or coffee grinder works well here).  I put the popcorn in a paper bag, poured the bacon fat over it, and shook it vigorously in the bag.  I then added the bacon powder, shook it again, and ended up with exactly what I was seeking: popcorn that wasn’t soggy or heavy, but with a fair amount of bacon flavor.  You could taste corn and bacon, which was the balance I was seeking, and I’ve now found a new snack for the Varmint household.

I’m not going to give you a recipe for this, as anybody knows how to make popcorn.  But here are some tips.

First, render the bacon fat over low heat, and then strain it through a paper towel to get rid of the sediment that can burn.

Then be sure to cook your bacon until it is very crisp.  I’ve heard that freezing the bacon can facilitate turning it into powder form.

Pop about a half cup of popcorn in 3-4 Tbsp. of filtered bacon grease.  Don’t use high heat, as bacon fat has a fairly low smoke point.

Put the popcorn in a large paper grocery bag.  Drizzle about 2-3 Tbsp. of melted, filtered bacon grease over the popcorn and shake vigorously to distribute the grease.  Add the bacon powder and shake some more.

Eat.  With lots of beer.


15 Responses to Bacon Popcorn Perfected

  1. Chops says:

    Last night my wife and I were discussing what to do with bacon that ended up a little extra crispy. I mentioned grinding it up as a powder and now I know what to use it on. Excellent timing……

  2. Erin says:

    You make a pregnant woman think. . .

  3. delianeal says:

    oh dear lord does that ever sound good. And I’m not even pregnant!

  4. Debbie Moose says:

    I’m swooning…. Reminds me, I’m almost out of Benton’s Bacon, which, I assume, you use. And that would lend an interesting flavor to my coffee, using the same grinder.

  5. Varmint says:

    No, I don’t use Mr. Benton’s bacon, as our family rarely eats it! (I know you find that hard to believe)

    And we have two grinders, just for this reason. 😉

  6. msb2ncsu says:

    This can’t be good for the diet!

  7. Varmint says:

    Hah! I’m not on a diet, remember? I made a lifestyle change, which means I don’t have to deny myself anything. Mind you, I won’t be eating bacon popcorn on a regular basis, but as an occasional treat . . .

    And for what it’s worth, I’ve dropped 21 pounds so far.

  8. burgeoningfoodie says:

    Sounds like a good way to get your fiber in at breakfast if you don’t like whole wheat breads.

  9. Oh, this is INSANE. I can’t wait to rock this at the bungalow!

  10. Carl says:

    21 lbs, congrats Varmit

  11. Michael says:

    That is the best idea I have seen in months! I can’t wait to try it. Love the website, but usually don’t comment. Reminds me of the Bacon Explosion. Congrats on the 21 lbs.

  12. Victoria says:

    Interesting idea- I’d mix in some parm and cayenne pepper.

    I’m toying around with the idea of bourbon-butter popcorn per some friends’ request. Any thoughts on this?

  13. And since you used your coffee mill to grind bacon, guess what your next cuppa is gonna taste like! FTW! Um, or maybe not. 🙂

  14. Kevin says:

    I love popcorn and I really love bacon. This is brilliant. Can’t wait to try this. I also like popcorn with milk chocolate and toasted coconut. Yum!

  15. Vanessa says:

    For those of you who would rather just eat, you can order the Bacon Popcorn at

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