Pantry Cooking — For a Week

pantryThe fine folks at eGullet have initiated a new interactive project: spend a week cooking without going to the grocery store or market.  And no, you can’t load up at Harris Teeter on Saturday just to start this project on Sunday.   My friend Steven Shaw, the Executive Director of eGullet, hatched this plan, but he’s being reasonable, acknowledging some kids will get their lunches at school and there will be instances where you just have to get some fresh goods.  So if you need eggs and milk, it’s OK to get them, but don’t shop for anything else.  Just use the stuff in your freezer and your pantry.

It’s a pretty good concept, as during these tough economic times, it might make sense to do a “clean-up” of your inventory by cooking and eating it, thereby saving you money.  I’d have troubles foregoing all the fresh fruit and veggies I eat, but it’s very doable.

Unfortunately, I won’t be participating in this venture, as I’ll be out of town a fair amount, but let me know if any of you decide to participate.

And here’s more about the project from Kim Severson of the NY Times.


7 Responses to Pantry Cooking — For a Week

  1. Maura says:

    I love this idea. It’s something I try to do anyway. We usually stock up on non-perishables by going to Costco every 4-6 weeks. I’m seldom in a position where I can’t pull dinner together with what I have on hand. That sometimes means a meatless meal, which isn’t a major hardship.

  2. MikeB says:

    Prety darn impossible for me and my wife to comply with this. We live about a quarter mile from a Fresh Market and buy groceries everyday for whatever we want to cook for dinner that night. Sure it costs me 15-20 minutes each day but we never over-shop or impulse-buy when it comes to groceries, and isn’t that just as important “during these tough economic times?”

  3. mb says:

    funny you should mention this…we decided starting this week we were going to do just this. With a full pantry and two refrigerators (although the one in the garage pretty much is stocked with beer, wine and soda) we are going to use what we have. I have been shopping alot over the past few months during the “stock it up” sales at Harris Teeter and with their triple coupon weekends. We are going to try to go a month not to buy food except milk, eggs and OJ…and baby formula 🙂 Considering we have been spending $150 a week on groceries…we hope to save some serious cash.

  4. burgeoningfoodie says:

    I believe they did a study that showed that people who only shop once or twice a week actually save more than those that shop more frequently.

  5. Shannon says:

    I do this every month – the week before payday! 🙂

  6. Brian Relleva says:


    please email me when you have a moment. it’s about your blog.


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