Sick Food Humor

My 10 year old son loves comics, so much so that perhaps his highlight of our family trip to Alaska last summer may have been meeting Chad Carpenter, the creator of the Tundra comic.  Well, in today’s funny pages, we both let out a guffaw and an “ew” when we read today’s offering from The Argyle Sweater and the warped mind of Scott Hilburn.  Enjoy.



2 Responses to Sick Food Humor

  1. seahawg says:

    Reminds me of a joke. Cit slicker stops at a farm to ask directions, and sees a pig with a wooden leg. He comments to the farmer, “that’s a mighty strange looking pig”. The farmer replies, “Mister, that pig speaks five foreign languages, he can do complex spatial computations, and is skilled at a variety of scientific endeavors.” The city slicker asks, “So, whats up with the wooden leg?” The farmer replies, “Well sir, when you’ve got a pig that special, you don’t just eat him all at once.”

  2. burgeoningfoodie says:

    And whats up with all of them looking miffed except Tigger who is chomping at the bit. I guess the artist wasn’t a fan of that character.

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