To Drink or Not To Drink


By now you know that I’m doing my best to drop 50 pounds (I’ve dropped 12 so far, thank you very much), and one of the changes I’ve had to make is to reduce my alcohol consumption.  In the past, I’d drink wine 3-4 days a week (usually a half bottle!), and occasionally I’d have a cocktail or beer.  With dinner parties, I could drink a buttload of wine (actually, the imagery of a buttload of wine is not all that pleasant, but we’ll just move on, nothing to see here).  Not only did I consume a lot of calories through alcohol, but I also read a couple of reports that alcohol depressant properties slow down your ability to metabolize other stuff, like fat.  Makes, sense, I guess, but I had to take a closer look at what I was drinking.

I’ve not by any means become a tee totaler, but I only drink on days where I’ve earned it with a lot of exercise.  I’m less likely to have a 5-glass binge, and that’s good for me in so many different ways.  But I do miss the cocktails, and then I recently re-connected with a friend who has a cocktail/spirits blog, and folks, this is something that is fun for any libation lover.  Matthew Rowley is the author of Moonshine!, a book that tells you how to make it, how to deal with “the law”, how to drink it, and more.  Talk about a labor of love!  I’ve been a moonshine lover since the 80s, when a buddy of mine brought me some ultra-clear corn liquor that had been distilled by a North Carolina state trooper.  Of course, the George Jones song, White Lightning, makes you pine for some of that shine, too!

But I digress.  Rowley has a great blog, Rowley’s Whiskey Forge, and if you like to make your own infusions or cocktails or cocktail ingredients, check it out.  Today’s enty talks about how to use quince for a nice brandy or cordial.   Now wouldn’t you be the coolest kid on the block if you broke out the quince liqueur at your next party?  Rowley does venture away from alcoholic pleasure from time to time, talking about pickles or beef roasts, but the focus is on spirits, often of the homemade variety.   So please be sure to check out Matt’s blog, and buy his book, too.


One Response to To Drink or Not To Drink

  1. seahawg says:

    Growing up in Western North Carolina, and going to school at Western Carolina University, I’ve had occasion to imbibe in corn measured by the gallon. In Rutherford County, where I grew up, there was a famous blockader named Uncle Amos. Uncle Amos owned over a 1000 acres of Cherry Mountain, where he grew cherries for his famous “Cherry Bounce” moonshine.

    Uncle Amos was hauled before the judge in Federal Court in Charlotte many times. He got to be a regular at Sing Sing, and served several stretches there.

    Supposedly, one time he was before this particularly ornery judge who told him “We are going to put a stop to moonshining in Rutherford County.” They said Uncle Amos laughed and said “Judge, as long as baby boys are born, and water runs downhill, there will be moonshining in Rutherford County.”

    And as far as I know, he was right.

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