CWC Fallout Continues: Enoteca Vin Closed

vin1Jedidiah over at New Raleigh reports that Enoteca Vin has closed.  Vin is co-owned by Chrish Peel, owner of Carolina Wine Company, which suddenly shut its doors earlier this month.  The demise of Vin has been confirmed by other restaurateurs, as they started to receive applications from Vin’s former employees yesterday.

The closing of Vin, one of the Triangle’s top restaurants, is a very sad event.  Vin is the first home of Lantern’s Andrea Reusing and Poole’s Diner’s Ashley Christensen.  I had one of the best meals ever at Vin when Ashley cooked a special dinner for the benefit of the eGullet Society of Culinary Arts and Letters.  The restaurant always seemed to do well, despite its location, and it had a strong following.

There’s a lot of grumbling about the closing of CWC, but it appears that in this economy, everyone is struggling.  Let’s hope that the closing of Vin is an anomaly, and not a sign of more things to come.


9 Responses to CWC Fallout Continues: Enoteca Vin Closed

  1. ac says:

    No way!!! Sad to hear. We had a great meal as well while Ashley was there. Wonder who will be moving in next…

  2. susan says:

    Vin used to be my favorite place in town. It was always my go-to place when I had friends in from out-of-town. I have to say, though, that I haven’t been since Ashley left. I do hope someone re-opens it, in a hurry.

  3. Rafe says:

    That is really a sad loss for the Triangle. I hope the staff all land on their feet, they always had an outstanding waitstaff.

  4. MikeB says:

    Well, damn. We had not eaten a meal there since Ashley left, but we often went there with friends just for the wine bar. Considering it was home to two of Raleigh’s most prominent chef’s it definitely goes down as one of the most important restaurants in the area.

  5. VaNC says:

    I can’t say I am surprised. As you are aware, I stopped going there over a year ago, although before that was a regular at Vin. You just can’t have that kind of disdain for your customer, as Chrish appeared to have, and expect them to keep coming back. Especially not as this area sees the opening of other new, great restaurants to compete with it. I am sorry for Louis, who is a great guy. But I do admit this is a loss to the Raleigh restaurant community, as I have great memories of great meals at Vin.

  6. raleighite says:

    It is a very sad day indeed! I worked as a server at Vin for 3 years and loved my job and everyone that I worked for & with. Let me start by saying that Laurie & Chrish cared deeply for their employees always making sure that they were taken care of and personally taking care by generously tipping when dining there. They stayed active in the community with countless charitable donations. What I see here in these posts is that everyone stopped going when Ashley left. Maybe this had something to do with the downfall? I am more upset with the slamming of the owners than I am by the actual closing. It is so easy for you people to slander other’s integrity but unless you know the whole story, you should keep your mouth shut.

  7. catena says:

    I’m unsure as to why people stopped going after Ashley left. The food did not change. It’s interesting what a publicist can make of you and your impact of a restaurant’s supposed success.

    Enoteca Vin was a place that was always a reliable place for good food, wine and service. A successful restaurant, that does not make. If you’re not turning the entire restaurant once a night, you’re not making money.

    All in all, I’m surprised this place stayed around as long as it did.

  8. Varmint says:

    On this particular topic, no one is slandering Chrish, and I know VaNC’s personal story regarding her experience with Vin.

    I personally have great respect for Chrish, CWC and Vin. I’ve eaten at Vin fairly often, including a couple of Sundays ago for brunch with my family (a great brunch at that). I’ve ordered a number of cases of (cheap) wine from CWC and have always thought it to be great value. Chrish himself has helped provide wine for charities in which I’ve been involved. Chrish and Laurie have eaten dinner at my house and our daughters play together. Yes, Chrish and Laurie are friends, and that’s part of the reason why this turn of events hurts so much. The lack of information regarding the closing of the two businesses is puzzling at best, but frankly, that may be the best approach legally.

    The reporting I’ve done here has been entirely factual, and I’d appreciate it if folks follow the same approach. I actually called Chrish before I wrote about CWC, telling him that I would hold the story if he wanted me to. I didn’t hear back from him, so I went with the story.

    So stick to things you know, not things you’ve heard, particularly if you haven’t confirmed them.

  9. MikeB says:

    raleighite & catena – I don’t think that is was necessarily people no longer going to Vin because Ashley left. My wife and I had simply been overwhelmed with the abundance of great new restaurants in the area these past two years. We would often eat downtown somewhere and end up at Vin for wine and a cheese plate to polish off the evening. A lot of long time Raleigh staples have been feeling the pinch of new restaurants and sluggish economy judging by some of the stories and comments here on VarmintBites and other triangle blogs.

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