One More “Diet” Post

washboardYes, I know that The Mint has a new menu and new investors from DC.  Yes, I heard that Herons has a new chef, too, and that Jibarra is open.  I’m also noticing that everyone is including a “poached egg on top” as one of the food trends for 2009 (I’m way ahead of the times).  But seeing I do this blog for me — ME, I SAID — I’m going to bore you with another item on how we eat.  And I make one simple statement:

When you keep a food diary, it’s somewhat hard to eat 2,000 calories a day, but when you don’t, it’s easy to eat 3,000.

Huh?  Well, I’ve now been keeping a food diary for 9 days (if you are really bored, you can access it here).  This diary also tracks your exercise and subtracts the burned calories from those ingested.  I’ve set my daily net calorie target at 1900 per day, and frankly, it’s sometimes hard to meet that target (the goal here is to get close to the target).  Yesterday I had a piece of toast, 3 egg whites and a pear for breakfast.  I had a big salad with an egg and some steak tartare for lunch, with some bread, too.  I had a couple of small pieces of chocolate for a snack.  I then had stir-fry for dinner — and I weighed out how much rice and chicken I ate — and finished stuffed.  But I still had over 600 calories left for the day!  So I had a small bowl of ice cream and ended up with a 400 calorie deficit.  On my public diary, it shows that I ate 1,702 calories, and frankly, I err on overstating my caloric intake.  I also burned off about 230 calories from a morning venture on the treadmill.

There’s no way in hell I’ll meet my “target” today, as I’m playing basketball tonight.  If I play for 75 minutes, at my weight, that’ll burn nearly 1,000 calories.  Although if you’ve seen me play, I don’t move so well, so maybe only 500!

The bottom line is that keeping the food diary and weighing out my food has really made me more conscious about what I eat.  The biggest differences are that I don’t snack as much (or when I do, I snack healthier), I eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables, and I’m not drinking as much alcohol.  For some reason, I’m feeling sated more quickly.  I don’t have as many cravings, as I’m quite full (fiber overload, perhaps?).  But it’s really hard to eat more than 1900 calories, even before I subtract the exercise allotment.

I had a rapid weight loss of 6 pounds, but that was mostly water.  I’ve now leveled off at 5 pounds, and am looking for the slow burn of fat.  But frankly, this has actually turned out to be somewhat fun, almost a sort of a game.  And as long as I can keep that attitude, I’ll be all right.


5 Responses to One More “Diet” Post

  1. catena says:

    Heron’s has a new chef?!? Not Paul Kellum?

  2. Lisa -- says:

    I’ve been logging my food and counting calories too; I use but in looking at yours, CalorieKing might be a better fit.

    I agree that since logging the food, I’m much more apt to think twice about what I put in. I’ve taken it public, too, and publish my food diary on Facebook. It’s been amazing at the good wishes and support I’ve gotten.

    Down 12 pounds. Woo hoo! My lessons: I eat too many carbs.

    Good luck.

  3. MB says:

    Good job Dean and keep it going! I’ve found myself not hungry and not snacking based on the changes that I’ve made. So far, I’m down about 5.5 lbs but when you weigh 132 initially that is a good percentage.

    Exercising has also been included if nothing more than making sure I do crunches on the days I miss the gym.

    Get Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred (or do it on demand) she will wear you out.

  4. Dbird says:

    sorry but in what sense are poached eggs a ‘trend’ since bi bim bap, much less since Les Halles took a dive around what, 2000?

  5. Varmint says:

    OK, I’ve now lost 8-1/2 pounds. And I have had to tighten my belt a notch, so progress is being made.

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