Coquette: The Home Stretch

Brown and light chicken stock.  Lobster stock.  Veal stock.  Duck jus.  Duck confit.  Rabbit confit.  These have all been made in anticipation of Coquette’s first customers, which will actually be tonight.  Not paying customers, mind you, but special guests at a fundraising party for a local charity.  Tomorrow night brings family members and Saturday, regulars and other special guests.  Monday is when the real show begins, and that’s the date everyone is focusing on.

One of the walk-in refrigerators has tens of gallons of stock.  Pears are macerating for the pastry chef.  Hanger steaks are being trimmed.  The energy of the kitchen is palpable, as these young line cooks know what’s coming: large crowds with huge expectations.

Buckets o' Stock

Buckets of Stock

Duck jus -- barely simmering, of course

Duck jus -- barely simmering, of course

Trimming hanger steaks

Trimming hanger steaks

Of course, there are last minute issues.  Inspectors didn’t like the fact that some minor wiring was being done in the kitchen while food was being prepared, but that wiring was in a different part of the kitchen.  Final, “punch list” construction items in the dining room are being finalized.  The tables and chairs have not yet been laid out in final formation.  And there’s a ton of glassware and dishes to be washed, but that’s an easy part of the preparation.

I also got to try some of Coquette’s new cocktails, which feature exotic flavors such as elderflower and ginger liqueurs (that would be St. Germain and Canton, respectively) and housemade orange and grapefruit bitters.  Customers wishing to imbibe won’t be disappointed, especially with the 100 bottle wine list and with six Belgian beers on tap and a dozen more by the bottle.  Sit at the beautiful, French-made zinc bar, and enjoy yourself!

House made bitters for cocktails

House made bitters for cocktails

I suspect the window seats will be highly sought after, as you almost have your own private balcony.  Granted, the cooler weather may limit the use of these for now, but if we get an Indian summer, watch out.

If you're interested in who made the bar

If you're interested in who made the bar

Choice outdoor seating will be on these quasi-balconies

Choice outdoor seating will be on these quasi-balconies


6 Responses to Coquette: The Home Stretch

  1. amber look good wihh knife in hand and hat on keep up good work chris

  2. Anonymous says:

    So proud of you!

    Aunt nancy

  3. Thomas Duncan says:

    As much as the place looks interesting, I wonder who they had do their French spell-checking. The awning shown in the last picture of the “quasi-balcony” features “tarte flambeeS”. This French term should either be “Tarte Flambee” or “Tartes Flambees”.

  4. pete locante says:

    i always new you would be famous

  5. Linda says:

    r u open for lunch?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Open for lunch starting Monday the 3rd.

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