Four “New” Places to Open on Lake Boone Trail

Four restaurants will be opening shortly at the Markets at Lake Boone, the new mixed use development on Lake Boone Trail, right next to my office.  I previously reported that JK’s Steakhouse would be relocating to the area, and it’s my understanding that they’re in the permitting stage.

Also opening are YoHo Asian Bistro, Ciao! Osteria and EATS.  These new places won’t be all that new for two establishments, as there is a YoHo Asian Bistro in Cary and a Ciao! Osteria in Apex (and would someone please tell me why do we need an exclamation point in the middle of a name?).  YoHo will take up 3,200 square feet, whereas Ciao!!! will be a jewel box of a place, taking up only 2,500 square feet.  I know very little about EATS, other than it’s described as “fast casual” and is being opened by Raleigh real estate developer Hadley Watson.

The Markets at Lake Boone
4025 Lake Boone Trail
Raleigh, NC


6 Responses to Four “New” Places to Open on Lake Boone Trail

  1. Curious. I wonder what space they will move into.

  2. phoebe says:

    2500sf is considered a jewel box???

  3. I will henceforth hang my head in shame as I live in less than a jewel box.

    On the upside, I’ll be able to walk to lunch, I can’t wait. I’m so tired of choosing between Don’s House of Beef and Subway as my quick dining options.

  4. Fuzzy says:

    you need a ! after Ciao if you want to have an Executive Transvestite action-figure named after you.

    Like this “Ciao!”.
    (Action scooter/mo-ped sold separately, as is the Metallic Teal riding Duster jacket and Wayfarer Sunglasses set…)

  5. Food Network says:

    2500 sq. ft. is fairly large for a cafe. Most sandwich shops / Starbucks are around 1,000 sq. ft. Consider a 2500 sq. ft. house. Would you consider that to be small? Do you think you could fit a sandwich shop in your 2500 sq. ft. house? I think so. It’ll be great for all the work traffic along Lake Boone as there is not much to cater to the hoards of lunch time traffic. Night time is very slow over there. Hope they all can stay in business. JK’s obviously won’t have any problems, but some of the lessor known ‘upstarts’ may have some trouble. Note that Salsarita’s and Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe both backed out of spaces here. They surely cater to the lunch crowds and still didn’t like the space.

  6. Food Network says:

    Also, it’s called the Market Place at Lake Boone, not the ‘Markets’

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