Lantern’s Reusing Featured in October Gourmet

Andra Reusing, chef of Chapel Hill’s fantastic Lantern restaurant, is prominently featured in the October edition of Gourmet.  This is not a simple little fluff piece.  This is a HUGE article featuring nearly a dozen recipes from the restaurant.  Tons of photos.  We’re talking major publicity here.  Reusing has been on a roll lately, being written up in Food & Wine, the NY Times, and the fairly new glossy, Garden & Gun.  Sure, she’s got a great publicist, but without her cooking ability, Reusing wouldn’t attract the attention of anyone.

This is the second chef who started at Raleigh’s Enoteca Vin to get a spot in one of the major food mags, and we’re all very lucky to have such culinary stars in our midst.  I’ve never met Reusing, but I’ve eaten her cooking, and damn, it’s fine.  And the fact that she’s so commited to sourcing local ingredients, including heirloom pigs, makes it even better.

So run out and get a copy of Gourmet (the article isn’t online, apparently) and make a couple of recipes.  Then head over to Lantern and compare your cooking with Reusing’s.  And be humbled.


One Response to Lantern’s Reusing Featured in October Gourmet

  1. Leslie says:

    My husband and I have been eating at The Lantern since it first opened. We love the food! Plus, we’ve always had excellent service. This place is always at the top of our list. They also have a great bar at the back of the restaurant with a late-night menu. If you haven’t eaten here yet, you need to try it!!

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