Mother’s Milk, Seriously

OK, it was just a matter of time before this happened: a Swiss restaurant is featuring human breast milk in some of their dishes.  I’ve heard of cutting edge cuisine, but this goes a step beyond what I’ve seen before.  As a lawyer, I thought the funniest thing in the story is that the dishes cannot currently be banned, because “Humans as producers of milk are simply not envisaged in the legislation.”

Thanks to Chris for the tip.


12 Responses to Mother’s Milk, Seriously

  1. chef colin says:

    It’s always been a joke in our kitchen. Never thought it would happen. I wonder what other vile jokes will come to pass?

  2. abbey says:

    eewww, gross.

  3. mssc54 says:

    Well if it’s my wife that’s one thing….

    Just because the lable says “breast milk” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s from a healthy breast. Some mammory glands may be full of unhealthy fluids. Yuck!

  4. Fuzzy says:

    The first time I drank breast milk *as an adult* was by accident, because it was in a milk bottle in the refrigerator, and I used it in my coffee.

    When I found out, my brain threatened for about a minute to simply shut down, but then it restarted itself, I got “over it” and I’ve been fine since.

    I guess not-so-surprisingly, it tasted great. It’s sweet and has a great consistency, not unlike whole Jersey cow half&half which hasn’t been over-pasteurized. The second and subsequent times I had it, it was on purpose.

    I’m not quite sure why our culture would shrink from what we *should have* been raised on. Powdered baby formula has to be one the most noxious and foul things I’ve ever tasted in my life, and I’m someone who remembers tasting chitlins boiling outdoors in the iron cauldron — before they were done yet.

    Otoh, the Swiss authorities don’t know their zoology very well if they already have a law banning the use of “primate” milk and can’t think to apply that to us humans.

    (I strongly object to the word “cannibal”, which has been used as a pejorative too often: I prefer “humanitarian”)

  5. Brad says:

    Why is it that we shutter at the thought of drinking milk from a woman while drinking from a cow is OK? Our society has many issues and this is one of them. My hope is that we all learn from this Chinese fiasco that mothers milk is far superior for our children than anything else, period!

    We store our breast milk in the freezer for two things.

    1. For our daughter when mom is not around.

    2. For us whenever we get sick. Just fix a milkshake and you’ll get rid of any cold faster than you can go to the doctor to get some useless meds.

  6. mssc54 says:

    FYI when my middle daughter had her son she pumped over a half gallon of breast milk each and every day!

    Our out side freezer looked so wierd with all of those 6 oz bags of mother’s milk in them.

    We were looking for a web site to sell the stuff when the freezer went bad… followed closely by the breast milk doing the same.

  7. IsDihara says:

    Just wanted you to know that I cross-posted about Mother’s Milk, Seriously on my blog, A Parently Speaking. It will go live at 10:00 EST on 20SEPT08.

    Thanks for posting this offbeat foodie news!

  8. steadycat says:

    Breast milk is for feeding babies. Usually the baby of the mother who has the milk. Adult animals eating/drinking the milk that is used to nourish a baby is very squicky. It is also not what breast milk is intended for. But neither is cow’s milk – which I try hard to avoid.

    Breast milk also carries diseases as well as medications the mother is taking. If you wonder what diseases, think of the ones carried in blood products and body fluids. Bingo.

    The next thing you know, we’ll be forcing women to take hormones so they can produce breast milk and get pumped for the sake of restaurants and weird adults that have acquired the taste. Where do I vote? I’m firmly against this. 😦

  9. Fuzzy says:

    Hmmm. I doubt that it is “likely” that we’ll end up *forcing* women to produce milk for our dinners. It’s much more likely to remain a luxury commodity. This sounds like the old arguments against unisex bathrooms in public places. Let’s immediately leap to an extreme point of view to make our point by fear, shall we? I don’t think we have to worry about the rains of frogs or cats and dogs sleeping together just yet…

    I probably think (at least I think today) it’s more “moral” to have our own species taking hormones and getting tested for their milk than what we’ve already done. Which is to say, we’ve created entire breeds of dairy cattle which cannot live on their own in the field, because they’ll die if we humans don’t milk them multiple times daily. Or breeding miniature dogs that cannot give normal live birth and must have human intervention in terms of c-sections. Or any of a hundred other things we’ve done equally vile.

    Breast milk from healthy women, and yeah, I agree there should be some testing and regulation to accompany this to ensure we aren’t passing on diseases, actually strengthens our immune systems. This is a good thing ™, and it tastes great. That’s better than a Miller Lite commercial can offer.

  10. Chubbypanda says:

    Awww… They’ve been doing that in China for years. It’s just a gimmick like nude sushi.

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