Think of New Orleans

I’m not a religious man, but I don’t mind if others pray.  And right now, if you’re the spiritual type, please pray for New Orleans as Hurricane Gustave heads toward the Gulf Coast.  New Orleans is a national treasure, and quite frankly, it’s been shit upon quite enough already.  One of my best friends in the world is a NOLA resident, and he’s had his life turned upside down several times since Katrina.  He doesn’t need any more misery, thank you very much.  He’s not alone, either.  So many people have left New Orleans in the past three years — it got to be a joke about how many “going away” parties there were that we discussed throwing one for me — when I was getting ready to leave after a 4 day visit.

But this isn’t funny.  This is the home of some of the most creative people in the wold, and that’s not just culinary creativity.  Painters, musicians, writers, sculptor.  Heck, even their street performers are awesome.  I love New Orleans and have lots of friends there.  Real people.  Real good people. And I’m scared to death.


One Response to Think of New Orleans

  1. “it’s been shit upon quite enough already”

    No kidding. My thoughts are with them and I am glad that this time people :cough: are willing to do something about it instead of ignoring it to go golfing/fundraising.

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