Al Baraka is Nuts About Nuts

My friend Beth gave me a gift, and now I must be angry at her.  “Why?” you ask.  Because she brought me nuts from Al Baraka, a Middle Eastern grocery store on Hillsborough Street, just inside the Beltline.  The nuts at Al Baraka are roasted daily, and whether they’re the lightly salted almonds, the candied hazlenuts and pecans, or the fantastic pistachios, they’re all incredible. My favorite, however, might be the chili-coated kri kri, which are round peanuts that you eat shell and all. Just containing a bit of heat, these things are addictive, particularly as a bar snack.

And that’s the problem with Beth’s gift. I’m hooked on this place. Sure, they have lots of other great groceries, including some of the best dried apricots around, but it’s the nuts that bring me back. Again and again! You can talk all day about how healthy almonds are, but something tells me that’s not the case with the kri kri or the candied nuts (which my kids ADORE!).

Don’t let the place scare you away.  Just because it’s next to a tattoo parlor should never be a reason not to buy some great nuts.  And the people there are fantastic, letting you sample every nut they have.

Apparently, the words “al baraka” mean something like “blessings,” and frankly, you’ll see that’s completely appropriate after you stop at Al Baraka.

Al Baraka Market
4001 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 838-5155


2 Responses to Al Baraka is Nuts About Nuts

  1. VaNC says:

    Ah, Varmint…I was just over there on Sunday afternoon picking up my weekly supply of almonds, apricots, etc. My latest “favorite thing” from Al-Baraka are the jars of vegetable spread. These are glass jars of pureed peppers, eggplant, salt, oil, garlic and various other things that pack a bright spicy punch. The brand we bought, at the owners recommendation, was “Piquant” and the label says “hot Ajvar”. We just spread it on sliced baguette, but I could think of tons of uses for it. I think it would be great with scrambled eggs!

    The best way to enjoy the apricots and almonds is to stick an almond into an apricot and eat them together….even better than the two separately. My oldest takes them to school in her lunchbox.

    But the saddest thing, at least to my kids, is that they will no longer be selling the Kinder chocolate eggs with the prizes inside. I had seen them disappear from shelves at other places, such as Sosta downtown, because our government apparently has said they are too DANGEROUS. I mean, how can a kid NOT notice this huge plastic egg containing a toy inside the chocolate? Why can’t they just put a warning on them? My kids are crushed! They still have a big assortment of cool candy to lure my kids in, though.

    Thanks for highlighting one of my favorite places!

  2. Varmint says:

    And thank you for introducing me to the place. I need to go by there today. Maybe I’ll get some Hot Ajvar.

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