Ego Building 101

You’ve already heard about my train trip with my son to DC, but I have a semi-odd side story about that trip. Anyhow, Benjamin and I are sitting on the train, enjoying ourselves, and I manage to get involved in a discussion with a woman in the seat in front of me. She’s probably in her mid to late 50s or so, spending much of the trip doing needlepoint. We talk about France (she lived in Lyon, the lucky devil) and other things that have little substance at all. I tell her what my son and I will be doing in DC. We didn’t introduce ourselves — it was just small talk.

As we pull into Union Station and start gathering our bags, I wish her well. At that point, the young lady sitting beside her, with whom I didn’t exchange a single word and who had spent much of the trip with her computer, looked at me and asked, “Are you Dean?” I pause for a second and respond, “Yes.”

“I read your blog,” she states.

My first thought was, OK, this is very odd. And then she told me that she had read my post about going to DC with my son. She was guessing who I was, but it was an educated guess. My son sort of looked at me like he was saying, “Dad, you’re famous!” Too funny.

Anyhow, we introduced ourselves and went our separate ways. This reader says she’s never posted a comment on the blog before, so I encourage her to do so. I promise I won’t “out” you anymore than I already have.

I’m not sure if there’s a lesson to be learned here, other than there are no strangers on a train. Particularly when you announce your plans to the world in advance.


2 Responses to Ego Building 101

  1. LOL, I am sure it was completely accidental. In any event, how cool is that!

  2. Dana says:

    I do not read this blog. ha ha. 🙂

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