New Raleigh Releases “Palate” — A Raleigh Restaurant Guide

April 24, 2008

New Raleigh is one of the websites I go to daily to catch up on my Raleigh news. They’re really dedicated to promoting great discussion of the politics and culture of our fair city, and they have a lot of good food information, too.

I just learned today that they’ve been working on a new restaurant guide, named “Palate,” which is now live. This is a very clean site that provides a lot of great information. Granted, the site is still in its beta stage of development, so the amount of content is somewhat thin right now, but it’ll only get better. New Raleigh has a lot of young, energetic folks on their staff (and I use the term “staff” loosely, as it’s just a bunch of volunteers who like to write about Raleigh), and they’re not afraid to criticize when it’s appropriate to do so. With this platform, they should be prepared to add a ton of reviews in a hurry.

Palate only lists restaurants that are independent or small, local chains. National chains are not included. Most of the establishments are in the downtown area of Raleigh, but I’m hopeful they’ll include other parts of the city.

Navigation is a breeze, and I particularly like the neighborhood classifications in their guide. Click on one of the neighborhoods, then move your mouse from restaurant to restaurant, and the map automatically moves to the particular restaurant’s location. Very slick.

There’s still a couple of bugs they need to fix, as places like The Pit and The Mint are listed under “T” rather than “P” and “M,” respectively. But I think this could become the definitive guide, if they start focusing on the content. One way they could do this quickly would be to include links to reviews from other sites, so their readers will get a broad sense of peoples’ opinions on a particular restaurant. I’d be honored if they linked to my reviews, all 5 of them!