Jason Perlow and Off the Broiler in the Triangle

My friend Jason Perlow, one of the co-founders of eGullet and creator of one of the busier food blogs in the country, Off the Broiler, will be in the Triangle over the next four months. Now Jason’s primary purpose for being here is to handle a large computer consulting matter (Jason is one of the nation’s leading authorities on Linux-based systems), but he’s determined to report on a lot of restaurants in the area. When his gig is over, I suspect Off the Broiler will have more detailed content on Triangle restaurants than any other site.

He’s certainly hit the ground running with his fabulous podcast of Ed Mitchell and his Raleigh-based barbecue restaurant, The Pit. If you have some time, listen to the podcast and look at the photos, and you’ll get a sense of what Jason is recording. Jason’s a really good interviewer — this is great stuff.


7 Responses to Jason Perlow and Off the Broiler in the Triangle

  1. Ann Prospero says:

    Refer your friend Jason to Prospero’s Kitchen. So far I’ve got 50 posts related to area chefs and there are more to come. The lastest is Shane Ingram, not yet posted, and Christ Stinnett and John Vandergrift of Pop’s and Rue Cler. Maybe he’ll gain some insight into chefs’ minds.

  2. =R= says:

    Woot! to Jason and Varmint!!!


  3. whit says:

    Speaking of visiting big gun food bloggers, I was at the Carrboro Farmers’ Mkt last Saturday, buying some sausage from Cane Creek, and I looked up and saw Andrew Knowlton standing there, apparently working out a visit to the farm. Taller than I expected – the voice a dead giveaway. Seemed friendly enough. Recognized being recognized.

    This may be old news, of course.

  4. Varmint says:

    Andrew Knowlton and Bon Appetit have been paying a lot of attention to the Triangle of late. I know there will be some highlighting of the Triangle’s restaurants and chefs in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see exactly what they’ll say!!

  5. pheebs55 says:

    there is going to be a spread in BA in the October issue about Durham/Chapel Hill.

  6. Gail Marie-Stewart says:

    Had delicious appetizers from Michelle’s kitchen on Valentine’s Day … mmmm.

  7. Wyacheslav says:

    I too have been listening to Jason’s cd’s and it’s been bcaefieinl, and as I’ve been keeping a journal, there have been changes, ever so subtle at first, but when I look back, it’s been big steps of positive change.

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