Commercial of the Week — Racial Stereotype Edition

We’ve already brought you one politically incorrect video, featuring the Frito Bandito, but this one for Jello may top it. It really amazes me how completely unacceptable some of these old commercials would be today. I’d like to think that we are, as a society, evolving.


6 Responses to Commercial of the Week — Racial Stereotype Edition

  1. Have you seen the Lebron Vogue cover with Giselle?

  2. Pam says:

    I have seen the Vogue cover – this guy’s response is fgreat:

  3. Fuzzy says:

    I love the Vogue cover, the response by the guy at foxsports (I need a Handbook), and this is one of the reasons I loved Bamboozled so much

    Bulworth was another of my favorites

  4. durhamfood says:

    Whatever else one may say, this video is really really funny. Sure, we may have progressed as a society, but if you don’t find this one hilarious, your sense of humor has digressed significantly!

    Stereotypes of foreign people are generally quite funny. I think we’ll have progressed further as a society when we can acknowledge this. laugh our asses off, and move on, rather than just decry it as xenophobic.

    Wonkette’s occasional posts on ‘The Foreigns’ are a great case-in-point. It’s perfectly possible to find this sort of stuff very funny and be non-racist. One can actually hold both those idea in one’s mind simultaneously 🙂

  5. Chubbypanda says:

    Video go bye bye. =(

  6. durhamfood says:

    Works here. Here’s the direct link

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