Serve Your Own Beer Bar Coming to NC Soon?

beer.jpgI just read this article about a bar in Atlanta that has two beer taps at each table and the customers serve themselves. The taps have a meter that monitors how many ounces have been served. When it hits 180 ounces, the waitstaff must come and check on the table to make sure they’re not too drunk. If not, they get another 180 ounces! Apparently, this system reduces labor costs and the restaurant is able to charge for every drop of beer — by the ounce, of course.

What really caught my eye is the paragraph towards the end of the story where the inventor of the system said that he’s obtained approval in North Carolina. Cool! The big question is whether it’ll show up in Raleigh or Charlotte first. Who knows, maybe it’ll be Chapel Hill!


6 Responses to Serve Your Own Beer Bar Coming to NC Soon?

  1. Tom from Raleigh says:

    NC has become one of the hottest beer markets in the U.S. I was quite surprised to learn that we are 9th largest market for Rogue beers. My fellow beer geeks and I are not impressed by the self serve beer concept. What good is a bar without a publican? Also, I’d much rather see 30 different tap selections than 30 lines running the same Bud/Miller/Coors to individual tables. Finally, that’s a helluva lot of beer lines to keep clean. Dirty beer lines really interfere with the taste of beer.

  2. Matt says:

    Speaking of which Beerfest Part 1 (Raleigh) is upon us. Part 2 (Durham) will be in October. I believe they were mentioning this on the morning show at 101.5 about Stats bars in Atl.

  3. Wes says:

    I still wonder why people pay over $10 for a 6 pack of Rogue. Also, who wants to stand in line for 10 minutes trying to get a beer while the connoisseur dude who cant make up his mind tries samples before making an order? Bottom line is that if you are going to a sports bar (which is where this concept will begin) you will most likely be drinking Bud/Miller/Coors. Your chicken wings will come out faster since the waitress is not hauling pitchers and pints all over the place. In Boone I went to some bar that brought a tall cylinder (holding probably a pitcher or 2 worth or beer) to each table that has a self serve tap at the bottom, which seems like a better idea. Then you could fill it with Rouge for $60

  4. Joe says:

    I’m shocked this made it through the ABC. Although I guess individual places will still have to get local board approval, right?

  5. JPCK says:

    They have restaurants in Brazil that already do this!

  6. allatwitter says:

    I saw this last summer in Madrid and wished it to be true here!

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