JK’s Relocating to Lake Boone Trail

jkssmall.gifI usually don’t write about steakhouses, because I usually don’t eat at them. I’m making an exception this time around. JK’s Restaurant will be opening at 4025 Lake Boone Trail, which just happens to be next door to my office. They’re moving into a brand new 7300 square foot space in the Market Place on Lake Boone Trail shopping center and will have a huge outdoor patio. They’ll also be serving lunch and will have some sort of butcher shop, too. I never ate at the JK’s in North Hills, but I’m sure I’ll at least have some business lunches here now and then.


2 Responses to JK’s Relocating to Lake Boone Trail

  1. winston says:

    Now, doesn’t that just figure. I leave the office and this happens. Now, what’s near Avent Ferry and Western.

  2. Have you tried my restaurant Ruckus Pizza in Mission Valley Shopping Center.

    I am partial to our Philly Cheese steak.
    We also have a Hot and Blue Philly Cheese Steak which is a Philly with Blue Cheese for Mayo and Wing Sauce on it – Deliciouso.

    We also have real NY style pizza – Big and fresh.

    I am going to have a Varmintbites.com night at my new restaurant as a test taste.
    More info coming.
    It will be in the new Tryon Village at Tryon and Walnut.

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